Thursday, July 23, 2015

Benjamin - Eight Months

8 months!  8 months!

8 month stats:
20 lbs

Highlights from the past month:

  • You are really a master at crawling.  You are starting to move too fast for my liking.
  • You love to climb on Claire.  All the time.  And she is so patient with you.
  • You are so active.  You love to play all the time.
  • You are always on the move, pulling up, standing along furniture - so brave.
  • You really like Mickey Mouse.  And Ratatouille and Finding Nemo.  Or maybe those are all Claire's favorites and you just have to watch.  Sorry buddy.
  • You are such a happy guy.  You want everyone's attention all the time.
  • You tried lots of new foods this month - pear,  multigrain cereal, mango, avocado, banana, nectarines.  You love all the fruit.
  • We also started eating puffs this month.  It is so much fun to watch you trying to pick them up and get them in your mouth.  And the face you make when eating them is too cute.
  • You really love your bottle - always reaching for it and trying to put it in your mouth as soon as you see it.  
  • You still love bathtime. You like our bathtub toys and bath book.  You love to splash and get water in your face.  I almost need to wear a raincoat to give you a bath - you create such a mess!
  • You are still pretty bald but the hair is starting to come in a little better.
  • You love to be outside when it's not too hot.
  • You are very vocal. You love to talk and are making more sounds.  You can say Dada - surprise, surprise.
  • You love to go all the places you are not supposed to.  You like to crawl under things and hide and you usually get stuck.

  • Did I mention you are oh so cute?

    Side by side comparison:

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