Monday, November 12, 2012

Our First Anniversary

I can't believe we have already been married for a full year!  I guess time really does fly when you are having fun.  This past year, we took a trip to New Orleans, welcomed our first nephew into the world, bought a house, and watched my baby brother graduate from high school.  And those are just the major life events!  It's been an amazing year and I feel so blessed.

Thank you to Patrick - the best husband I could have ever imagined.  Thank you for being patient when I turned down house after house during our 4 month search.  Thank you for letting us buy a house in the same subdivision as my sister.  Thank you for being such an amazing uncle and godfather to little Gavin.  You just melt my heart.  Thank you for all the little things you do that may seem to go unnoticed at times:  making my lunch every morning, always remembering to turn the butt-warmer on in my car when it is cold outside, taking out the trash on Tuesday nights, and giving me countless back tickles before bed.  You make my world a better place.

Thank you to our wonderful parents.  You have been such a great example of love in our lives.

Thank you to our wedding party - our siblings, relatives and friends.  You have played such a significant role in our lives.

And a huge thank you to our guests.  When I walked down the aisle and saw the magnitude of people who made the time to show us their love and support, I was absolutely blown away. 
I can't wait to see what the next year holds for us!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ooops! Did I do that?

Conversation from earlier this week:

Me:  I'm really sorry about that big hole in the drywall.

Patrick:  What hole?

Me:  This big hole... (points out hole)

Me:  I accidentally hit the trash can too hard with your car and it punched a hole in the drywall.
Patrick:  I think that hole was already there.

Me:  No...look, I'll show you...  (pulls trash can over to line up with hole in drywall)

Patrick:  Oh, wow.  I guess your right.

Me:  On the bright side, that was the best $70 we ever spent on a trash can.  I hit that trash can so hard with the car and instead of cracking, it just knocked a hole in our drywall.

Moral of the story - if you are looking for a good trash can - this 64 gallon Toter is rock solid.

2nd moral of the story - never rat yourself out unless questioned by your husband.  First he didn't really notice the hole, then he told me he thought the hole was already there.  I should have just kept my mouth...but he wasn't the least bit mad so it didn't really matter in the end. 

Enjoy your Saturday!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Organized in November

Yikes!  I am almost a week into November with no posts.  My husband keeps reminding me that he hasn't seen anything new on my blog lately.  While I'm watching the election results trickle in, I thought this would be a good time to get writing!

I pulled the November task list from the great Get Organized Now website.  But first, here are the tasks I am still working on:

May 8 - Shoe Parking! Many families take shoes off at the door to avoid tracking outside dirt into the house and onto carpets. A bench with a handy shoe rack makes it easy for family and guests to stop and remove shoes before going further into the house.   Done!  I have a solution, not sure if it is ideal but was the best I could come up with.  More to come on that in a later post.

May 17 - Open that mail right over the recycle bin. Handling mail sometimes leads to stacks here and stacks there. So when you bring it into the house, sort it immediately. Shred anything that has personal information on it and recycle the rest. Keep any bills or important mail in a separate file. (Still working on this one - we have the desk set up, but still to do some more organizing.)

June 17 - Create a kitchen annex. Store seldom used appliances and serving pieces together in a closet. If you don't use it regularly, it shouldn't be taking up valuable real estate in the kitchen. (Working on this one - Patrick's brother Eric built us some shelving units for the basement so I have been slowly moving some kitchen items downstairs. I still have a few cabinets to clear out.)

July 8 - Straighten up your garage as much as possible. Then sweep it. (Patrick worked really hard last week to straighten up the garage so we could fit 2 cars in it since it is starting to get frosty here.  I still want to sweep and spray again for spiders.)

July 17 - Thoroughly clean the kitchen sink. Clean in and around the drains. Use a brush to scrub around the faucet and sprayer. (Any good tips on this?)

Aug 11 - Wash down outside patio, driveway or decks after sweeping. (Will do in conjunction with the garage cleaning.)

Sept 4 - Wipe your kitchen cabinets clean. Start from the top of each cabinet and work down.

Sept 15 - The days are getting shorter and soon much colder. Time to assemble your shoes deciding what shoes or sandals are good to keep or let go.    Done!  Remember this post about shoe storage in my closet?)

Sept 20 - Organize your baking supplies. Keep all your food products used for baking together. Give them a spot in your kitchen that is close to where you prepare such foods. Clean and dry your canisters before replacing with flour, sugar, etc. 

Sept 25 - Make a list of all food/household items you normally use on a regular basis. Post this list on the inside of a kitchen cupboard. When you are making your shopping list, you can reference this list of necessities.

Oct 10 - Do a quick scan of your refrigerator. Remove any containers of unused food and recycle/wash the container. Open your vegetable and fruit refrigerator drawers and remove any old, unusable food

Oct 17 - Start decorating the inside of your house with fall decorations.  (Done!  Remember my bedroom decor and my fireplace?)

Oct 25 - Start preparing a 20-day meal rotation plan. Gather ideas from each family member and come up with 20 different dinner time meals that can be used on a rotating basis. Then make a grocery list based on the first 5 meals.

And on my list for this month:

Nov 16 - How many hot beverage mugs do you need?  Go through your supply looking for chips and cracks.  Also, get rid of mugs that are not used or liked.  Before replacing the mugs you love and use to the cupboard, wipe the storage shelf clean of dust and dirt.
Nov 18 - Sort and clean out your purse and wallet.  First empty all of the contents, and then evaluate every item and sort.  Try to make at least two sorting piles.  One sorting pile will include items you need to put somewhere else or throw away.  Another pile will include itesm you will return to your purse or wallet.
Nov 25 - Designate a give-away box to put items you no longer need or want.  When the box is full take everything to Goodwill.  Keep the box in the garage or a closet.
Nov 28 - Go through your gadget drawer in the kitchen.  Take out everything.  Then replace and organize what you truly use and need.  The rest of the items can be donated to Goodwill.
Nov 29 - Is it time to turn the mattress?  To be sure you mattress has even aging, it is recommended that a mattress is turned every month. 
I'm really excited for all the upcoming holidays and can't wait to share all the special details.  Thanks for following along!



Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Recap - Halloween Party

Saturday night Patrick & I attended a Halloween costume party at his friend Jose's house.  It was an absolute blast.

Can you guess who we were?

If you guessed Bruce from Swamp People and an alligator - you are correct!  Need a comparison?
Other party guest included Forrest Gump & Lieutenant Dan:

Here are the party hosts:  Kerri Strug and Bela Karolyi from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

The most interesting man in the world and a zombie librarian:

And one more good one of my gator face:

Sorry for all the terrible photos.  My husband may have reminded me to charge my camera and I didn't quite listen to him.  So we had to take camera phone pictures - blogger fail.  Saturday evening before the costume party, we went to a Halloween bash at Patrick's aunt's house.  All of his cousins' kids were dressed up and I only got one picture before my camera died.  So here is the cutest little dinosaur you've ever seen:

Have a great Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spookiest House on the Street

This weekend, Patrick & I put up a few outdoor Halloween decorations.  He wanted to make sure we had the spookiest house on the street.

Mission accomplished!  The best part?  All the items were $1 or less!  The Dollar Tree was my best friend this Halloween - I found caution tape, spider webbing, tombstones, skulls, large skeleton and plastic rat there.  The holographic ghosts came from Michaels on sale for $0.79. 
Next I'll have to show you what type of decorating I've done inside the house. My mantel is looking pretty good but I've got a few finishing touches.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Recap - Long Weekend

I loved our long weekend!  Patrick & I were both off work Thursday and Friday for his birthday and I feel like we got so much accomplished.

I already posted about Patrick's birthday fun on Thursday, but I didn't tell you about the big "gift" Patrick got for his birthday - a new TV! 

Yay!  This is a huge upgrade over our old 32" TV.  It a is 46" Sony something.  I'm not electronic savvy. 
Also on Thursday, Patrick & I had an assembly race.  He put together a new desk for our office while I had to assemble a lamp and an office chair.   

You can see the desk and the chair in the top picture and the lamp below.  It was a close race, but Patrick ended up beating me.  I probably shouldn't have taken that 2 hour nap at the start....another example of how slow and steady wins the race.  In all honesty, I didn't actually finish the chair either.  In my first attempt, I couldn't get the legs to attach and I screwed the arms on the wrong sides.  It was a total fail so I gave up and let my husband work his magic.  I do really like the end look.  The desk came from Office Max on sale for $180, the chair came from Big Lots on sale for $36 and I found the lamp on clearance at Target for $15! 
We also hung up some new decor in the office, but I am saving those items for a separate post so as not to jinx anything. 
On Friday, we had a baseball Postseason Party to watch the beloved Cardinals take on the Giants in game 5 of the NLCS but it was not a winner so again - no pictures until I feel it is safe to post.  My husband is extremely superstitous when it comes to baseball.
On Saturday, we did some thrift store shopping - still no luck finding the last piece for Patrick's Halloween costume.  However, I did score a few goodies I didn't even know I needed. 
Saturday afternoon Patrick watched the Notre Dame football game and helped me decorate for Halloween during commercial breaks.  Our front yard has officially been spookified and I love it.  I'll have to take pictures tomorrow so I can show you what I am so excited about.
Today I went to Perryville for my cousin Jennifer's baby shower.  She is expecting twin girls in December - how exciting!  She looks absolutely FABULOUS for being 7 months pregnant with twins.
That's all for now.  More to come later this week.  Go Cardinals!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Husband!

Today is a very special day - my Patrick turned 29!

We both took off work for the day and had a special lunch at our favorite place - Stefanina's.

Hope he wished for a Cardinals victory tonight!

Patrick with his sister Jessie who prepared the birthday dessert.

Love you!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy 26th Birthday Grant!

I know I did a mini post about Grant's birthday yesterday, but I wanted to give a fullo shout-out to one of my favorite little brothers.

I love you!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Recap - Home, Cardinals, Gavin & Grant

Whew!  It's Sunday night and I am watching the Redbirds take on the Giants in Game 1 of the NLCS.  Current score:  Cardinals 2, Giants 0    Yay!

Here's a quick recap of our week/weekend:

I added a new pumpkin to our front porch decor.  I'm DYING to put out our Halloween decorations, but they keep calling for storms so I don't want to risk it just yet.


 This past week, Patrick's mom came to paint our office and our hall bathroom.  For the office we chose a light grey and for the bathroom we chose a dark yellow.

On Friday night, I picked Patrick up from the airport and we stopped for a bite to eat before heading to his friend Jose's to watch Game 5 of the NLDS.  Wow -what a game!  The Cardinals never cease to amaze me.  And remember my new boyfriend Pete Kozma?  He batted in the winning runs.  I love Red October.
On Saturday, we went to Perryville to celebrate my brother Grant's 26th birthday.  I can't believe he is already 26!  That makes me feel so old!  Here's Grant with his favorite little buddy.

On Sunday Patrick & I went to church, watched the Rams game and are now watching the Cardinals game.  I also managed to assemble a couple of shoe racks for my closet and put up a little indoor Halloween decor.

(Patrick had to get in on the action.)
Oh - you wanted to see more pictures of Gavin?  No problem, because I only took about 100 this weekend.
He really likes this bouncy thing in the doorway.


Hope everyone has a great week.  GO CARDS!
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