Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Name

Welcome to my blog!  I named my blog "Becoming the Wilmi" because I am newly married and as of today, I officially have a new last name!  No, my last name is not Wilmi, it is actually Wilmes, but I obsess over proper grammar and have a hard time properly pluralizing my new last name.  On of my favorite wedding cards we received was from one of our groomsmen who referred to us as "The Wilmi".  I cracked up upon reading this because it gave a unique spin on the dilemma I was (unnecessarily) fretting over.  It was clever, it was catchy and I stole it....thanks Ben!  I wish I had something to show you how excited I am about my new name, but all of the documents containing the new name also contain confidential information.  Plus, the security guard at the Social Security Administration office politely told me that no pictures were allowed inside their building.

I have no real plan for this blog and as of today, I'm not sure if I will ever even let anyone read it.  This just gives me something to do to help unwind at night while the new husband is watching the (insert sport's team name here) game.  I like to write and I think it might be fun to look back at this someday down the road, much like the junior high diary I never seemed to keep for more than a week at a time.  Hopefully, my first grown-up blog will survive....only time will tell...

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  1. That's cool. I like the name of your blog :) And congrats on your marriage and getting your new official name. It's always an exciting thing!

    Also, thanks for letting us come into your world and sharing your life with all of us!



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