Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Wreath

I decided our Front Door could use a little sprucing up so I headed to two of my favorite places for cheap crafts - the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby.

Here are the supplies I found:

Grapevine Wreath - $1 - Dollar Tree
Large Carrot - $1.79* - Hobby Lobby
Greenery - $1.50* - Hobby Lobby
Yellow Flowers - $1 - Dollar Tree
Mini Easter Eggs - $1 - Dollar Tree
*These were sale prices

I started by setting out a large piece of cardboard on my kitchen table to prevent any crafting mishaps.  (This is always a good idea when using a hot glue gun.)  I glued the large carrot to the right side of the grapevine wreath.

After the carrot was properly secured, I cut off the long stem of the greenery and glued this to the left side of the wreath.  I glued this down in several different places.  I wanted to make sure it was secure but still left some wild branches for the texture.

I almost stopped here because I loved the simple look of the carrot with the greenery, but Patrick persuaded me to add the yellow flowers that were in my original plan.  I cut off each flower and glued them in a row.  It really does brighten up the wreath.

The last step of the project is to add the mini Easter eggs in the greenery.  I chose to only use the blue, pink & purple eggs because I already had green, yellow and orange colors in my wreath.  I played around with the number of mini eggs to add and finally settled on 6.  I think it turned out great.  There are tons of great options so it really just boils down to personal preference.  

Here is the finished product hanging on our front door - LOVE!

 Total cost - $6.29 + tax
Total time - 20 minutes

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