Thursday, April 5, 2012

GO in April - Cleaning Supplies

Get Organized (GO) in April!  Today I started my first task from the checklist I shared on Tuesday:

April 1 - Sort through and consolidate your cleaning supplies.  Store what you use most often in a transportable tote.

I began this task by opening up the cabinets under my kitchen sink:

(Only slightly scary, right?)

I started by taking everything out from under the sink and organizing the items into like piles.  I was surprised by how many non-kitchen cleaning supplies had made their way to the space underneath my sink.  I rounded up the items that belong in bathroom and put them aside to move to a more appropriate place.  

I then placed all my true kitchen cleaning supplies into a handy blue bucket with a rope handle.

Finally, I moved all of the items back into the kitchen cabinet in a more organized setting.

You can see I have my dustpan on the left, my blue bucket of cleaning supplies, a few vases in the back, then car cleaning supplies, a gallon ziplock baggie full of scrubbers and my dishwashing detergents.  There is also a small kitchen fire extinguisher behind the large white detergent bottle - just in case.  I still feel the need to find a better home for my collection of glass vases - but for now, they will remain under the kitchen sink.

This was a quick, simple task - completed in under 15 minutes.  However, I feel it is not truly complete until I tackle the disaster underneath my bathroom sink.  That is a much bigger project and something I will save for a different post.  So consider task 1 on my April checklist partially completed and stay tuned for a post on the bathroom cleaning supplies.

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