Friday, April 6, 2012

GO in April - Summer Wardrobe

Today I decided to tackle my second task from my Get Organized in April checklist:

April 3 - Time to take a look at your summer wardrobe.  Donate or toss items that no longer fit or you didn't wear once in the past year.

I started by taking a look at my closet:

Not so organized - I know. The good news is, there is some method to my madness.   In January, I saw a tip on Pinterest that recommended inverting all of your hangers.  Once you wore an item, you would then hang it in the closet as you normally would.  That way, at the end of a season, you would have a good idea regarding what you actually wore and what just took up space in your closet.  I loved the idea, but did my own version.  Once I wore an item, I moved it to the left side of the closet.

These are the items that got a little love in the past 3 months.
On the other hand, the right side of the closet contains the items that I didn't touch once in the past 3 months.

Yes - that whole section of clothing was ignored.  So why is it still taking up space in my closet?  Good question.  Before I could move my summer clothes into the closet, I needed to clean out the winter items that were still lingering.  As I went through my clothes, I asked myself two simple questions:  1. Does it fit?  If yes, move to question 2.  If no, put it in the donate pile.  2.  Did I wear it this winter?  If yes, move to a storage tub.  If no, put it in donate pile.  I did not save items that no longer fit, I did not save items that I haven't worn in the past 6 months.  Okay, I might have bent the rules slightly, but I still feel like I did a pretty good job.

Items that got put into storage include my Sam Bradford jersey - football is over until next fall.

One item I was on the fence about was my Albert Pujol's jersey.  Albert was signed by the Angels, so I will never be able to wear this jersey to Busch Stadium again.  Patrick said to toss it, but I just wasn't able to. I figure maybe I can frame it with the front showing.  You won't know it is a Pujols jersey and it will still show the birds on the bat.  I put this one into storage.  What would you have done?

I know this doesn't look much different than the before picture, but here is the newly organized closet space:

I love seeing the pops of bright colors and hope to add more colorful pieces to my wardrobe this summer.

Here are the storage tubs I set up on the floor of my closet:

And here are the 2 bags of clothes I collected to donate:

Not too shabby for an evening of work.

I realize this task was to sort through your summer clothes, but I felt the need to sort through my winter clothes to make room in the closet for my summer clothes.  I am very pleased with the results and will have to tackle my summer wardrobe in a future post.

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