Monday, April 16, 2012

Random Monday

Patrick and I had a pretty relaxing weekend.  We had our typical Friday night date night at Stefanina's Pizza where Patrick's sister works as a new manager.  Patrick enjoys giving her trouble and thought it was hilarious when he asked the young cashier if he could "speak to the manager" in a really gruff tone.  Okay, I thought it was pretty funny too...I love our date nights!  After dinner, we did something we haven't done in over 2 years - we went to the movies!  As in we actually went to the movie theater and not Redbox!  What movie were we dying to see?  

Yes - we ponied up $21 to watch The Hunger Games.  And it was good, but the book is way better.  Don't you remember my rule?  Read the book first, watch the movie second.  In addition to watching the movie, I also was able to finish the second book:

And almost finish the third book:

I am the point in the third book that my reading has really slowed.  I know I am almost finished, but I also know this is the last book, so I am reluctant to read too fast.  Patrick started the second book after I finished it on Friday night and this is why he is almost finished with it:

Yep - he was still reading this morning when I left for work.  These books are so hard to put down!

What series should we start next?  I'm open to all suggestions...


  1. You should read the series of books about Mitch Rapp, by Vince Flynn. I'm way ahead of you there...

  2. I loved the Hunger Games books they were a great series. This is not a series but a book called Sarah's key is really good.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to check for that next time I go to the library.


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