Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Mother's Dresses

Out of all the attire we had to choose for the wedding, the most difficult person to dress was my mom.  I bought my wedding dress the first day we went looking.  My mom took months to find that special dress.  My mom's biggest hinderances in choosing a dress were probably her coloring and my pickiness.  My mom has very fair skin and red hair - which results in a limited number of colors that would complement her natural beauty.  Which leads us to the second hinderance - her own daughter.  I didn't just want my mom to look pretty or nice for my wedding, I wanted her to look gorgeous.  And I wasn't going to stop until we found a dress that really had the wow factor I was looking for. 

We finally decided on a teal gown by Patra.  We purchased the gown at Nordstrom and there is currently a similar gown available in a lilac color.

(Doesn't she look FABULOUS in that color?)

Patrick's mom looked stunning in this Tadashi Shoji two piece set also available at Nordstrom.  I really loved this look for fall.

These two women are truly the most beautiful women I know.  When I was young, I always thought "I want to look just like my mom when I grow up"....until I realized that I don't have her gorgeous red hair and ultra fair complexion.  Hopefully I will age as gracefully as she has in my own way. 

So here they are - the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom wedding looks.  Stay tuned for more wedding attire looks next week.

Photos by WhiteKlump Photography


  1. Beautiful! I love that first blue one A Lot!

  2. My sister is getting married in September. We are dreading trying to find a dress for my mom and grandma. My sister lives in TN so I have a feeling this duty will fall on my shoulders as the MOH. I know my sister would love to be involved but living 6 hours away is making things quite difficult. I love your mother's dress. It's stunning. I'm taking note of the designers for my mom and grandma. I have already mentioned Nordstrom as one of our stops!


  3. Those are some really nice dresses I really like the colors.

  4. Thanks for sharing at Wedding Week, Emily!

  5. As mother of the bride, they also deserves a great dress for their daughter's special day.


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