Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Patrick's Ring

Remember this picture of our wedding rings?
As much as I gushed about my ring last week, I am REALLY in love with the ring we chose for Patrick.  It all started with a trip to the jeweler who was trying to sell us one of these numbers:

Nothing against these traditional bands, but I was not interested in the shiny gold style.  When I asked him if he had any more contemporary, "younger" options, he did pull out a tray of alternative metal bands.  One band immediately caught both of our eyes.  It was a unique ring by Fable Designs.  The ring was made of titanium, but had a real wood inlay.  

The ring they had on display was this beauty:

Pretty, but it was a little too light in color.  
Then we saw this option...
...but I wasn't too keen on the Black Zirconium.
The jeweler gave us the website to review additional choices online and we settled on this style:
This is a titanium ring with a Red Mallee Burl wood inlay.  Winner!!  I love that each ring is unique because of the variations in the wood inlay.  Patrick has received numerous compliments on this band and I am so happy with our decision to choose something less traditional for his ring. 


  1. I have not had to pick rings out yet, but I LOVE the idea of a ring being original. The variations in the wood inlay make it unique and I think that's beautiful! Also love the idea of the rings on the pumpkin stem for a photo.

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