Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Recap - Anniversary & Moms

It's been a busy week & weekend.  If I'm not at work or enjoying my new role as Auntie Em, I'm daydreaming about our new house and all the possibility it holds. 

Saturday was our 6-month wedding anniversary and we celebrated by going to the Cards/Braves game with our friends Racheal & Cole.  Bad news is, the Cards lost and our friends are Brave fans.  Good news is, I got a few good pictures from the game.

For Mother's Day, we went to Patrick's parent's house for an afternoon BBQ.  It was DELICIOUS!  (And there were plenty of leftovers...yum!)

Patrick & I gifted our mothers wedding albums that I made through My Publisher.  I'll give you all the details later this week, but here is a sneak peek...

(Photo within the photo by WhiteKlump Photography)

They LOVED them!!  And I did too.

I'll leave you with some more baby pictures....because who doesn't love baby pictures??


  1. Babies? Foreshadowing?

  2. and that was from me. I don't know how to work this site


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