Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap - Gavin, Packing & Games

Happy Monday everyone!

I thought I would start this post with a baby Gavin update - because he is getting so big!

This weekend was absolutely wonderful because Patrick & I had nothing on our calendar.  Friday night I picked Patrick up at the airport.  He had been in Dallas for work training.  His flight came in at 7:45 and was on time - yay!  We stopped at Imo's for a salad and pizza dinner and fell asleep on the couch watching the Cardinals game.

On Saturday, Patrick & I did some packing in preparation of our upcoming move.  We started on the closets - our hall closet and our bedroom closet.

I am happy with what we accomplished.  I was able to pack up 2 tubs of clothing...

and three boxes of items from our hall closet.

Why yes, that is a box of supplies for hosting murder mystery parties.  Patrick & I are big fans of murder mystery dinners and have had 4 successful parties to date.  I could (should) write an entire blog post on how to host the perfect murder mystery.

Saturday night, we went to church.  The church that we usually attend was having their annual church picnic meaning it was crazy crowded.  We decided to head over to the new church we will be joining when we move into our new home to check it out. 

After church we did our usual date night at Stefanina's. The weather was gorgeous so we sat outside and shared the Taste of Italy. Sorry I didn't think to take any pictures.

After dinner at Stefanina's we headed over to my brother Brandon's to play a couple of board games.  We started with Sync Up.

This is a funny game where you constantly switch partners and try to say the same answer at the same time. The categories are very broad - for example, name a round vegetable.  If you and your partner say the same answer, you get to move forward a space.  In case you were wondering, when Patrick & I were asked to name a round vegetable, he responded pumpkin & I said orange.  FAIL.  I know an orange is not even a vegetable but the game is so fast paced you just blurt out the first thing that comes to your mind - which is what makes it so funny.  I think I was the true winner of the game, but the official tie-breaker put Patrick in the number one spot.

After Sync Up, we played Clue.  This was a gift we received for our wedding so I was excited to break it in.  
Brandon was the ultimate winner of this game after incorrect accusations by both Patrick & myself.  It was really fun putting my detective skills to the test.

On Sunday, Patrick & I didn't know what to do with ourselves!  We have been looking at open houses almost every Sunday since the end of January and now we have a house so the hunt is over.  Yay!  Instead, we filled our time checking out various furniture stores so we can fill our house with pretties.  So far we've looked at Weekends Only, Carol House & Ashley Furniture.  What other furniture stores would you recommend in the St. Louis area?

Sunday night, we met my parents at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  Marcy & Dirk brought Gavin on his first restaurant experience and he did so good!


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