Friday, June 1, 2012

Get Organized in June

I know what you are probably thinking - "Emily, how can you add more tasks to your list when you still haven't finished everything from April?".  Well, the answer is, I can.  :)  I have postponed some tasks until we move into our new home in a few weeks.  Then I promise to fill you in on all the updates.

Here is the current list I showed you in May:
April 21 - Wash windows inside and out.  (Waiting for the new home)

April 22 - Swap out winter decor for spring decor.  (Will decorate new home in summer decor)

April 26 - Review your insurance policies to be sure that you have the right coverage for all your insurance needs.   Done!  Not exciting enough to show you pictures about though.  We needed to purchase homeowners insurance and grouped that together with our autos at the same time.

May 6 - Label, label, label! Clear plastic containers are great for storage, but even they are limited in affording us a quick view of the contents.  Done!  Remember this post about packing for the move?

May 8 - Shoe Parking! Many families take shoes off at the door to avoid tracking outside dirt into the house and onto carpets. A bench with a handy shoe rack makes it easy for family and guests to stop and remove shoes before going further into the house.  (Bench has been purchased but will need to see how it will be incorporated in the new house.)

May 17 - Open that mail right over the recycle bin.  Handling mail sometimes leads to stacks here and stacks there.  So when you bring it into the house, sort it immediately.  Shred anything that has personal information on it and recycle the rest.  Keep any bills or important mail in a separate file.

May 24 - Organizing the car is something we let slide while we take care of our house and families.  Containerize loose items so things don't fall out when you open the door.

Since I still have several tasks on the list for April & May, I am going to try to limit the number of new tasks I choose from the June list.

June 17 -  Create a kitchen annex.  Store seldom used appliances and serving pieces together in a closet.  If you don't use it regularly, it shouldn't be taking up valuable real estate in the kitchen.

June 19 - Manage your money.  Some simple things to keep on top of your finances are balancing your checkbook, paying a couple of bills each evening, reconciling your credit card statement, reviewing that bank statement for errors and filing your weekly receipts.  These simple tasks give you a good view of your finances.

June 26 - Clean out your old makeup in your cosmetic drawer.  There are items that should be replaced frequently, such as mascara.  It should be replaced every 3 months for safety sake.

Once again - all lists come from the Get Organized Now website.  Head over there for the complete list of monthly tasks.  Also check in to see what Julie at the Hyper House has on her list for June.

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  1. You can do it, I know that having a list of the things that need to get accomplished really helps. I will be cheering for you :) BTW I love your new header really cute.


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