Thursday, June 7, 2012

I {heart} Fiesta

One thing on my wedding registry that I was really excited to receive was a starter set of Fiesta dinnerware.  When I look at a great display of Fiesta, it just makes me smile.  Need proof?

Do you own any Fiesta dinnerware?  How do you have it displayed?  What are your favorite colors?  I can't wait to get our pieces out on display in our new home.  Less than 2 weeks until move-in day!

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  1. Emily I had to stop by and say thanks so much for being a loyal visitor to Maiden Jane! I do not have Fiestaware - too expensive for me. But I adore the colors in these displays! So cheerful!

  2. I love Fiestaware. When I first got married I didn't know what my kitchen would end up like so I asked for a very basic set of dishes, always intending to upgrade once I figured out a color scheme. Now my basic dishes are starting to chip and I'm still undecided on which colors I want!

    I love the top and bottom photos you posted. That seems to be the problem; I can't decide if I want a pop or a softer palette. I love turquoise, peacock, cobalt, plum, tangerine, scarlet, and shamrock but all the other colors seem to look so nice when bumped up against my favorites. What colors did you end up with?

    1. Right now we have 6 place settings of peacock and 6 place settings of shamrock. That was the only color combination I could get the husband to agree on. However, I did register for other pieces in different colors - like a large scarlet platter (Christmas dinner perhaps?) and a turquoise egg tray (Easter appropriate). We haven't unpacked any of it yet and I still have the gift receipts so I'm trying to make last minute decisions if I want to swap colors on any items before we take the plunge and open it all up. There are too many pretty color combinations for an indecisive girl!

  3. I don't have any yet, it looks beautiful! I especially like that first photo with the different blues!

  4. I do not have any of the Fiesta dinnerware but I love the colors

  5. Fiesta dinnerware is so fun! I love those sources of inspiration you posted. I especially love #2 :)

    I don't have any fiestaware because I'm boring, lol!


  6. You are making me want to have a party!!! lol
    I am your newest follower!! :)

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