Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spice Shelf Life

In case you haven't heard (from any of my recent blog posts) - we're MOVING!  And that means, we're PACKING!  As Patrick & I packed up the kitchen, we took the opportunity to discard expired food items from our pantry.  One item I had a really hard time rummaging through was our various spices.  We did not receive a pretty spice rack for our wedding like this beauty:

I did not register for a spice rack for 2 reasons: 
1. I did not want extra items cluttering up my counter space. 
2.  I don't really use many spices (probably because I don't really cook). 

Instead, I decided we would just purchase various spices as needed to add to our collection.  While packing for the move, I went through our basket of spices and checked all the jars for expiration dates.  When I located the date, I wrote the date on the top of the jar with a Sharpie for future reference.  I was surprised at how many spice jars did not include an expiration date.  I turned to my dear friend Google for help and found this website.  McCormick has a fresh tester that allows you to enter a code on the spice jar to find out the "Best By" date.  Pretty cool, huh?  They also provide a chart that shows the life expectancy of various spices.  That made me a happy camper.  I estimated how long we had each unknown bottle, checked the chart and wrote a date on the lid. 

How do you keep track of your spices?


  1. You have made me realize that i need to pay better attention to my spices! Mine just sit on a shelf near the oven which people have told me isn't good because they are exposed to the heat and steam from cooking. woops! I love the rack you have up there. I also saw in someone's home magnetic spice shakers that stay on the side of a fridge. I thought that was a really cool idea. Good luck packing! Can't wait to see pictures of the new house!

  2. I really need to do this! I did receive a spice rack for my wedding (which I love!) but we also have a ton of mismatched spices in the cabinet. Most of them my husband acquired during his bachelor days and quite a few were given to him by his friend's grandma (strange, I know). I doubt those codes will even be on the website... eek! Thanks for the inspiration to organize. Love your blog, super cute! Hope you'll stop by mine :)


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