Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Gilley Wedding

This weekend we attended the wedding of Patrick's coworker Joe.  Patrick described Joe as the ultimate groom and when we entered the reception, it was obvious why he deserved this title.

Did you see that guestbook?  The groom carved this tree out of wood and every guest chose a leaf to sign.  The leaves were on little pegs so the guest could remove the leaf from the tree, sign it on the table and then put it back on the tree.  Coolest thing ever!  I absoultely loved it.

The groom also carved all of these wooden block letters for the cake table and centerpieces.  And that my friends is why he is the groom of the year.  Everything looked spectacular. 

Oh....and they also had a photobooth - always a good time....


  1. That is some seriously impressive wood carving. I love the tree so much. It looks like you two had fun.

  2. Groom of the year is RIGHT! That tree is just beautiful! Belongs in an art gallary! Love the blog letters too. Those are some cute photos of you and your hubby in that photo booth. I think photo booths are always a great idea too.

  3. Oh my gosh! I love that guest book tree! So cool. I want to make something like that! Wish I could go back in time, lol!

    Looks like you guys had fun in the photo booth! :)

    Also, just a side note, I wanted to remind you that the June $50 giftcard giveaway is almost over, and June 30th is the last day you can leave any comments on June posts at 1house1couple so you can win. Good luck Emily! And thanks for coming over so often! :)



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