Monday, September 3, 2012

Garage - Indoors or Outdoors?

Alternate Title:  Big Scary Spider Story

True Story:

This evening, we just got home from the grocery store and were unloading the car.  The very first thing I notice in the garage is a big spider just waiting to get me...

(Not actual spider  - would never get close enough to take a picture!)
I had my hands full (and c'mon - I was wearing flip flops!) so I carefully dodged the spider and rushed inside.  Patrick followed me in and here is our conversation:

Me:  Did you see the big spider in the garage?
Patrick:  No
Me:  It was right there when you walked in.
Patrick: No - didn't see it.
{We both walk outside}
Me:  See!  Right there!  How could you miss it?
Patrick:  I don't look at my feet when I walk.
Patrick & I have had this argument before.  He doesn't care if there are spiders in the garage because it's the garage.  Which he deems to be outdoors - meaning okay for outdoor creatures to make their home there.  I, on the other hand, think of the garage as indoors.  I park my car in there and when I get out I don't think I should have to be on the lookout for creepy crawlies.  No bugs allowed in this girl's garage!
Back to the story:
I walk back to the car (which is parked outside) and another spider comes running out of the crack in the center of our driveway. 
Yikes!!  Patrick smushed this one as well. 
Patrick was getting ready to mow the grass, so I decided to take on this spider epidemic myself.  I armed myself with a gallon jug of insect killer and got to work marking my territory.  I did the walls of the garage and then worked my way outdoors.  I was spraying the driveway crack - when


Bam!  Another spider emerges from the same crack the previous spider fled from.  I chased him with my spray for a while until he got too close to a hideaway and then I stomped on him.  Whew!
I continue spraying around the driveway guessed it....
Spider #4 makes his appearance.  I squished him too. 
Now I am making my way up the sideway towards our front porch...and guess who is hanging out in the crack of my sidewalk...

NUMBER FREAKING FIVE!!!  I gave him a double stomp.
Now the whole time I am on my spider-killing rampage, Patrick has been mowing the front grass.  This next scene is critical.  Patrick was coming up on the sidewalk where I was standing.  I had my back turned to him and was spraying on the porch step, when who should come whizzing between my feet, catching me off guard from behind...
I screamed bloody murder!!  Patrick swung around and killed the mower.  And here's the next part of our conversation:
Patrick:  What's wrong?!?
Patrick:  Really, you screamed like that about a freaking spider?  I thought I ran over your foot with the mower.  Don't do that.
Patrick: Stop screaming or the neighbors will think you are hurt or that I am hurting you.
During the argument, the monster spider managed to creep down into the mulch.  I continued to spray him until I was confident he was dead.  I couldn't risk stepping on him in the mulch.  Uneven ground could mean trouble for spider stomping.
While I was spraying monster spider, I got a mosquito bite on my hand.  I seriously can't believe I haven't contracted some disease from these bloodsuckers.  I get more bites than anyone I know.  That's when I knew it was time to call it quits. 
6 spiders in one night - this is sure to lead to bad dreams.  I have spider nightmares at least once if not twice a month.  I've actually gotten to the point now where I can realize I was just dreaming and I no longer force Patrick to turn on the light and get out of bed and shake out the covers.  I still wake him up though with my screams.  My poor husband - he is quite the trooper.   
So the big question is:
How do YOU view your garage?
Do you consider it indoors or outdoors?
For the sake of my well-being, this would be the time to lie (if necessary) and just say that you agree with me.  No spiders in this girl's garage!


  1. yuck! I hate finding spiders in my garage, or even outside on the steps. They all get smushed or attacked with spray.

  2. If they're outside, I leave them alone. I've worked in the garden with a very beneficial huge black and yellow spider for several years. I never kill them outside. I used to catch them on a paper plate when they were inside and carry them out, but since the brown recluse has come to Arkansas, I kill them if they are in the house. I fear the mosquito much worse than a spider which takes off when it sees you. The West Nile virus has been reported here and already killed a few people. Those spiders will catch mosquitos too. Spiders are probably already searching for places to hide, so they will come to the garage, so you will need to spray the garage.

  3. Garage is definitely part of the house, especially if it is attached.

  4. Oh hell no. No spiders allowed. My garage is attached through my basement but even that doesn't make it an outside space. The spiders in my garage are on my dead list from the moment they enter. Thank you for reminding me I need to spray!

  5. No spiders, no crickets, no grass hoppers allowed in my garage it is considered indoors. If I find them in the garage they are dead :)

  6. Ick! I can't stand spiders! Our garage is really my husband's domain, but it leads into the house so I'd rather think that there are no bugs there. I'm most likely wrong though.

  7. Ahhhhhhh! No spiders anywhere is what I say. That's terrifying! I don't have a garage but if I did it would definitely be considered INDOORS. There are a few webs on the outside of our closed in porch and they give me the creeps.


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