Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Get Organized in September

I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day!  I spent mine cleaning out our master bedroom closet and killing a bunch of big scary spiders. 

Here are the tasks I have leftover from prior months:

May 8 - Shoe Parking! Many families take shoes off at the door to avoid tracking outside dirt into the house and onto carpets. A bench with a handy shoe rack makes it easy for family and guests to stop and remove shoes before going further into the house. (Still working on this one, I purchased a small bench, but not sure if I have the right spot for it. I'm thinking of doing something in the coat closet for shoes.)

May 17 - Open that mail right over the recycle bin. Handling mail sometimes leads to stacks here and stacks there. So when you bring it into the house, sort it immediately. Shred anything that has personal information on it and recycle the rest. Keep any bills or important mail in a separate file. (Also working on this one. I am looking for a good mail tray - let me know if you have any suggestions!)

June 17 - Create a kitchen annex. Store seldom used appliances and serving pieces together in a closet. If you don't use it regularly, it shouldn't be taking up valuable real estate in the kitchen. (Working on this one - Patrick's brother Eric built us some shelving units for the basement so I have been slowly moving some kitchen items downstairs.)

June 26 - Clean out your old makeup in your cosmetic drawer. There are items that should be replaced frequently, such as mascara. It should be replaced every 3 months for safety sake.  (Working on this one - purchased new eyeliner and mascara - still need to purge old items.)

July 8 - Straighten up your garage as much as possible. Then sweep it.  (Working on this one - still need to post about our pegboard organizer.)

July 17 - Thoroughly clean the kitchen sink. Clean in and around the drains. Use a brush to scrub around the faucet and sprayer.  (Any good tips on this?)

Aug 2 - Walk around your yard and check for fading flowers. Cut out (dead head) these flowers to keep the plants producing more flowers instead of going to seed.  (Done!  My rose bushes are doing spectacular!)

Aug 11 - Wash down outside patio, driveway or decks after sweeping.  (Will do in conjunction with the garage cleaning.)

Aug 18 - After clearing off the top of your refrigerator, dust and clean the top. Consider finding other locations for items or discard everything!

Aug 22 - Go through your pen and pencil junk drawers. Empty drawer and wash out and clean. Then test all pens and pencils to see if they work. Throw away anything that does not work, is not used or not wanted.  (Done!  I bought a drawer organizer and Patrick helped me whip our junk drawer into shape.)

Here is what I have on the agenda for September:

Sept 4 - Wipe your kitchen cabinets clean.  Start from the top of each cabinet and work down.
Sept 15 - The days are getting shorter and soon much colder.  Time to assemble your shoes deciding what shoes or sandals are good to keep or let go.
Sept 20 - Organize your baking supplies.  Keep all your food products used for baking together.  Give them a spot in your kitchen that is close to where you prepare such foods.  Clean and dry your canisters before replacing with flour, sugar, etc.
Sept 25 - Make a list of all food/household items you normally use on a regular basis.  Post this list on the inside of a kitchen cupboard.  When you are making your shopping list, you can reference this list of necessities.

As always, this fabulous list comes from the Get Organized Now website.  Also, don't forget to check out Julie at The Hyper House to see what she is up to in September. 


  1. Great organization projects for this month.

  2. Ideas, ideas - and not enough time to do them all! Thanks for the pointers - and getting me headed in the right direction! September is such a nice month to work in - not too hot or cold! :-)

  3. I really need to start doing the mail over the recycling bin thing. There are so many piles of junk mail on my house. Careful of those spiders in the INDOOR garage.


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