Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to Organize your Garage with Pegboard

Our garage was looking cluttered and I wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  I found some cool organizing systems at Lowes, but I wasn't too fond of the high price tags.  One day while surfing the internet, I saw a post about how one person organized their craft room with pegboard.  I immediately knew that same concept would work in our garage - and so the planning began.
Patrick & I headed to Lowes to purchase a piece of pegboard.  They only sell one size - 4' X 8' - HUGE!  The brown sells for $9.97 and the white for $17.25.  Since I knew I wanted to paint the pegboard a cheerful color, I chose brown.  We also bought 2 cans of Valspar Peacock Blue Gloss Spray Paint for $4.85 each.  This is for outdoor use so we thought it would be great for the garage.  We also purchased a package of assorted peg hooks.  I believe it was around $11.
When we got out to the car, we realized we were going to have quite the time trying to manuever this 8 foot piece of pegboard into the back of Patrick's SUV.  We pushed, pulled, shoved and got it to fit!  For future reference, if you take your measurements before you go to Lowes, you can have them cut it to size before you leave.  We were just winging it and made it work.
The next day, my dad came over to help me tackle this project.  The first thing we did was measure our space.   

Then we measured our pegboard and used a chalk box to make a straight line to use as a guide for cutting.

My dad got to work with the circular saw...

...and then I got to work with the spray paint.

We left the pegboard to dry while we had lunch.

After lunch, we came back and hung the pedboard with a power drill.  We measured the height in several places and used our chalk box again to mark a straight line to use as a hanging guide.  

We still have some work to do on the long piece of pegboard.  I ordered some baskets and we are thinking of putting up a shelf.  The small piece of pegboard is complete and is currently holding our brooms and shovels.

Overall, this was a super easy project and I love the results.  The price was right too - coming in right at $30.   I can't wait to finish the long piece of pegboard soon.


  1. It seems that you and your dad had a wonderful bonding experience in fixing and organizing your garage. The use of a pegboard is really helpful in maintaining the orderliness of your garage. You can easily find your things or stuff when needed. Having a well systematized garage can provide extra space to your home, and you can use it in storing some of your personal possessions. I’m pretty sure that with a well organized garage like this can give you a sense of peace every time you will enter your home.
    Kerita Kantz

  2. This is a great idea. I need to do something like this in our shed. I like how you painted it blue :)


  3. Very nice and I love the color you chose!

  4. I LOVE the color you chose. When my husband organized with pegboard, he nailed up a couple of 2x4s to nail to instead of cutting out the wall. Worked perfectly.

  5. Blue is my favorite color, and this shade of blue here is great! :) Anyway, I like the thought of having a DIY renovation in your garage, and thinking about future plans for organizing the garage is such a smart and thrifty idea. Are you already done with the other renovations? I was just thinking if I can get some ideas for my renovation projects also. :)

  6. Hi Sharron - I am still working on the garage. Hopefully I'll get it finished up this spring and can post more photos. Thanks for commenting!

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  13. I guess it would be a "super easy project" if you have an SUV, someone to help you measure, saw and nail the pegboard up...Im by myself and NO I dont have family or friends to help, so I guess Im stuck with the expensive way.


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