Thursday, September 6, 2012

September Storm Damage

When I pulled up to my home after work today, there were 2 cop cars on the scene with 3 uniformed officers.  What was the cause of all the commotion?

Uh-oh!  Tree down!  This picture is a little deceptive.  When I arrived, the limb was still haphazardly hanging from the tree and spilling out into the street.  The policemen pulled on the limb to break it off completely and then dragged it up into our yard to get it out of the street.

It was a pretty big limb and looks like it might have been rotting on the inside.  I asked one of the policeman if our tree was hit by lightning, but he told me it was wind damage.

The city's Public Works department is coming out tomorrow to chop it up and clear it out for us.  

Luckily, the limb that fell was on the street side of the tree.  Otherwise, it might have been dangerously close to our new home.  Eeek!

The tree was a "helicopter" tree, so the street and our driveway are now scattered with these little things.  I tried to sweep all the big debris out of the street and away from the storm drains. 

I really hope the tree isn't rotting because I LOVE the look of a tree lined street (one of the things that really drew me into this subdivision) and I don't want to be the only house on the street without a big tree.  More storms are expected overnight, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no additional damage.  Stay safe out there!


  1. Yeah, you’re lucky because the branch of the tree was not very close to your home. It could have damaged your house real bad. I hope this big tree will not fall down whatever storm may come to your area. It can be very dangerous if that happens. Anyway, stay safe always!

  2. Woah! It must’ve been a big problem on your part if that tree really hits your house, considering that it was your new home. Well, it’s really normal to see incidents like this when the wind blows really hard. People should be on the lookout during these times to keep themselves safe from any harm.


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