Thursday, October 4, 2012

Falling for Fall

Let me tell you one great thing about being a farmer's fall decor!  When my dad come up to visit last weekend, he brought me a bale of straw and a couple of stumps.  I know I've posted once about my front porch decor, but with the addition of my new goodies, I had to show you new pictures:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look. 
It's starting to get cold outside so I decided to pull out our heavy bedding for the winter.  I also put up a few fall decorations in our bedroom.  Here's a peek:


I can't wait to start burning this fireside candle.  It is a WoodWick so it will crackle like a real fire.  


  1. I just found you through Year of Less and love the autumnal feel of this blog. Your front stoop is so cute and ready for fall! I need to do some decorating once we get back home to Italy... although they aren't much into pumpkins there!

  2. I'm loving your front porch decorations, especially the hay!

  3. Your front porch looks adorable!


  4. loveeee your decor!! awesome job

  5. That is such a fun way to dress up your porch!!

  6. I love your front porch! It looks so welcoming.


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