Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spookiest House on the Street

This weekend, Patrick & I put up a few outdoor Halloween decorations.  He wanted to make sure we had the spookiest house on the street.

Mission accomplished!  The best part?  All the items were $1 or less!  The Dollar Tree was my best friend this Halloween - I found caution tape, spider webbing, tombstones, skulls, large skeleton and plastic rat there.  The holographic ghosts came from Michaels on sale for $0.79. 
Next I'll have to show you what type of decorating I've done inside the house. My mantel is looking pretty good but I've got a few finishing touches.  


  1. The decorations look great!


  2. spooktacular! gotta love The Dollar Tree

  3. The decorations look great! Here in the UK we don't really decorate our houses for Halloween so I love seeing how you guys do it across the pond!


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