Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap - Redbirds, Chimenea & Fireplace

Happy Monday everyone!
There's not too much to report - we had a pretty relaxing weekend.

Friday afternoon we were glued to the Wildcard Playoff game between our beloved Redbirds and the Braves.  Luckily, the Cards came out of top and are heading into postseason play.

I will never falter in my love for Yadier Molina - my favorite Cardinal - but I do have a new boyfriend in Pete Kozma:

Saturday evening, Patrick & I had our weekend date night at Stefanina's and then we went to Home Depot and fell in love with this chimenea:

We plan on using on Halloween to sit out in our driveway when handing out candy.  I like the chimenea style more than the basic firepit because it should (hopefully) keep smoke from blowing directly in your face.
On Sunday, we went to church, did some shopping, watched the Cardinals game (not a winner - boo!) and I worked on some more fall decorations.  Check out my fireplace:

Have a great week!


  1. Your fire place looks beautiful. Your new boyfriend sure is dreamy haha! That is going to look so cool on Halloween.

  2. loving your fireplace! looks awesome


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