Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Recap - Long Weekend

I loved our long weekend!  Patrick & I were both off work Thursday and Friday for his birthday and I feel like we got so much accomplished.

I already posted about Patrick's birthday fun on Thursday, but I didn't tell you about the big "gift" Patrick got for his birthday - a new TV! 

Yay!  This is a huge upgrade over our old 32" TV.  It a is 46" Sony something.  I'm not electronic savvy. 
Also on Thursday, Patrick & I had an assembly race.  He put together a new desk for our office while I had to assemble a lamp and an office chair.   

You can see the desk and the chair in the top picture and the lamp below.  It was a close race, but Patrick ended up beating me.  I probably shouldn't have taken that 2 hour nap at the start....another example of how slow and steady wins the race.  In all honesty, I didn't actually finish the chair either.  In my first attempt, I couldn't get the legs to attach and I screwed the arms on the wrong sides.  It was a total fail so I gave up and let my husband work his magic.  I do really like the end look.  The desk came from Office Max on sale for $180, the chair came from Big Lots on sale for $36 and I found the lamp on clearance at Target for $15! 
We also hung up some new decor in the office, but I am saving those items for a separate post so as not to jinx anything. 
On Friday, we had a baseball Postseason Party to watch the beloved Cardinals take on the Giants in game 5 of the NLCS but it was not a winner so again - no pictures until I feel it is safe to post.  My husband is extremely superstitous when it comes to baseball.
On Saturday, we did some thrift store shopping - still no luck finding the last piece for Patrick's Halloween costume.  However, I did score a few goodies I didn't even know I needed. 
Saturday afternoon Patrick watched the Notre Dame football game and helped me decorate for Halloween during commercial breaks.  Our front yard has officially been spookified and I love it.  I'll have to take pictures tomorrow so I can show you what I am so excited about.
Today I went to Perryville for my cousin Jennifer's baby shower.  She is expecting twin girls in December - how exciting!  She looks absolutely FABULOUS for being 7 months pregnant with twins.
That's all for now.  More to come later this week.  Go Cardinals!

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  1. Jennifer looks great. Glad you got yo be there for her :)


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