Monday, February 18, 2013

End of November & December

I'm desperately trying to get caught up here but I don't want to leave anything out.

Here's a quick recap of what you missed at the end of the year:

My brother got ENGAGED!!


Grant & Ashley are planning a September 28th wedding this year.  I am so excited to be a part of their big day.  I can't wait to go get fitted for my dress later this week.  More to come on their wedding plans later. 

Patrick & I got dressed up for his annual work holiday party.  Don't forget to check out our pretty tree in the background!

Isn't he so handsome??
We also had our annual Christmas game night with my BFFs from high school. This year - the GIRLS WON!! Woot woot!
I love these girls!!
I just had to share a photo of our fireplace decor.  I love having a mantel to hang our stockings from.  So pretty!!


That's all for now.  More to come.  I'll be all caught up soon I hope!

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