Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby Contest!!

As you probably already know, we chose not to find out the sex of our baby.  We are so excited to be having a surprise baby!  At my baby shower (blog post to come) we had people guess the sex of the baby as well as the due date and time.  I thought it would be fun to hold a similar contest on the blog for all my friends near and far.

To enter, just leave a comment specifying the baby's gender, due date and time.  As a reminder - my estimated due date is July 19th.  The winner will be determined in the following order: 1st gender - so if you chose the wrong sex, you're automatically out.  2nd due date - the closest to the due date is the winner.  If there is still a tie, then we will use the time of birth.  I'll have to think up a special prize for the winner.  Good luck and happy guessing! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mee Wedding

Just wanted to post a couple of photos from our friend Ryan's wedding.  It was an absolutely beautiful and wonderful day. 

They had the best photobooth at the reception:

The happy couple!

Patrick & I with his parents.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Custom Domain Name!

Big news - I finally purchased a custom domain name!  You will now find us at

It may take a couple days for things to get settled so check back soon for new posts. 

Thanks for following along!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brandon's Graduation!

My brother Brandon recently graduated from college!  I am a super proud big sister because he not only chose the same university I attended but also the same major - actuarial science. 

Here he is walking in!

Good group photo after the ceremony.

Brandon, mom & dad  :)

Brandon, me & peewee

Brandon already got a full time job at the insurance company he had previously interned at.  Can't believe he is all grown up!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gavin's First Birthday

We celebrated Gavin's first birthday last month.  The party theme was Yo Gabba Gabba - his favorite show.  Here are the highlights:
The cake was made by my sister's friend Nicole from Pajama Cakes.  If you are in the St. Louis area - check her out on Facebook.  She does great work.

Gavin was not a happy camper sitting in his high chair with everyone looking at him.  He was crying until we started singing Happy Birthday.  Then he was mesmerized by the song.  It was really funny.

Gavin wasn't wa huge fan of the smash cake Nicole made for him.  He was more interested in picking at the fondant icing than actually eating the cake.  He was the least messy first birthday baby I've ever seen.

I had to get my picture taken with the birthday boy.  He is getting so big - I almost didn't have enough room for him and baby bump. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Update!!

I'm a little over 33 weeks pregnant and the reality of this baby is really starting to sink in.  We went in for an ultrasound last week to check on the baby's size.  Check out this little cutie...

The ultrasound technician said that our baby was smooching on his/her umbilical cord.  Patrick's dad is certain that we must be having a girl once he saw this photo.

And then we got a big surprise...

 Our baby has hair!!  I thought for sure we would have a bald baby, so this was a nice surprise.  Look at that little fuzz.  I'm such a proud mama.

Baby is right on track weighing in around 3 lbs 15 oz.

Here's how I've been growing since my last update...

 The belly keeps expanding.  It's crazy to think I still have 7 more weeks to grow! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Get Organized in June

I'm behind.  Months behind.  But I've been working hard, I promise!

Here's what I have on my prior list:

May 17 - Open that mail right over the recycle bin. Handling mail sometimes leads to stacks here and stacks there. So when you bring it into the house, sort it immediately. Shred anything that has personal information on it and recycle the rest. Keep any bills or important mail in a separate file. (Done!  I bought a cute mail organizer from Target that we will be hanging in the kitchen.)

July 8 - Straighten up your garage as much as possible. Then sweep it. (Done!  But I can't take credit for this one.  Patrick cleaned the garage up really nice.)

Aug 11 - Wash down outside patio, driveway or decks after sweeping.
Oct 25 - Start preparing a 20-day meal rotation plan. Gather ideas from each family member and come up with 20 different dinner time meals that can be used on a rotating basis. Then make a grocery list based on the first 5 meals. (This one is daunting - I need to get motivated to start!)
Nov 18 - Sort and clean out your purse and wallet. First empty all of the contents, and then evaluate every item and sort. Try to make at least two sorting piles. One sorting pile will include items you need to put somewhere else or throw away. Another pile will include items you will return to your purse or wallet.  (I bought a new purse and am working on transferring everything over.)

Nov 29 - Is it time to turn the mattress? To be sure you mattress has even aging, it is recommended that a mattress is turned every month.

Dec 7 - Sweep outside your front door. Clean the outside entryway of dirt, leaves and debris. Sweep off steps, the balcony and/or patio area that leads to your front door(Done!  We potted some pretty petunias in pots for our front porch and I removed the old stumps.  Looks nice and pretty for spring.)
Dec 17 - Gather together items needed for overnight house guests. Make a basket/box of small toiletries, collect or purchase guest towels, etc. and extra bedding.  (I bought a nice a basket to start my collection - just need to buy a few extras.) 

Jan 3 - Take time today to be sure that your yearly calendar has events such as birthdays and anniversaries, appointments, visits, etc. entered for each month.

Jan 19 - Make a bird feeding area. Spread bird seed in an above-ground planting pot in your back yard.  (Done! Patrick bought me a new bird feeder and I picked up a second one at Aldi's.  They are both hanging on our back deck and we love watching to see the different birds we get.)

Jan 21 - Today you can organize and sort through your coat closet. Take out any clothing etc. that has not been worn or used in over one year. Be sure that your closets are used for clothing and outer wear instead of a spot to place never or rarely used stuff.  (Done!  I took a look through the coat closet and found a good pieces to donate.)

Feb 8 - Clean your stove top with hot, sudsy water. Remove burner trays or grills if you have them on your stove and either soak or hand scrub them in your sink or put them in the dishwasher if possible. Flat surface glass stove tops can be cleaned very well with cleaning solutions for this purpose.
Feb 22 - If your fireplace has been used this winter, it could use a good cleaning at this time. You can call a professional if the chimney needs sweeping. Remove ashes as much as possible and wipe clean with a cloth the fireplace screen and glass doors. Does your wood pile need restacking or need to be moved to a more convenient location?   (Done!  I can't take credit for this one either.  Patrick got out the shop vac and cleaned out all the ashes from the fireplace.)
Mar 1 - Spring cleaning is just around the corner. Inventory your spring cleaning supplies. Replenish if necessary. (Done! I bought a big bottle of non-toxic household cleaner that can be used for a variety of household purposes.)
Mar 5 - Organize and clean your shoe storage rack or shelves. Remove all shoes, then vacuum the floor beneath or wipe clean the shelves.
Mar 13 - Clean and dust the outside of your washing machine and dryer.
Mar 14 - Unclutter and organize a shelf or two in your linen closet.
Mar 19 - Do you have a good system for bill paying? Set up an area that has all the necessities for getting this task done on a weekly basis. This area should include a tray, file or letter box of some kind for opened bills to be placed. Supplies in this area include envelopes, stamps, return address stickers, trash can and shredder. These items should be near your computer too as many are now paying at least some of their bills online.
Apr 9 - Organize your food pantry.  Similar food items should be placed together, either in the same shelf area or in a bin or wire basket.  Other containers that keep food supplies neat and organized include glass canisters, small turn tables, baskets and small wire shelving.  Check your food supplies for anything that is past its expiration date.
Apr 10 - Clean the area underneath the bathroom sink or sinks.  First take out everything.  Next wipe and wash the floor space.  When floor of cabinet is dry, replace only the items you need.
April 15 - Clean out at least one kitchen drawer. Keep only what you actually use and replace any damaged or broken items.    (Done! I found some new matching kitchen towels at Kohls on clearance so I bought 2 packs and cleaned out my old dingy towels.  Happy girl!)
Apr 16 - Clean and shine the outside brass hardware on your outside light fixtures and also your front door.  The doorbell knob may need cleaning also!
Apr 28 - Wash bed comforters today.  It may be time to switch to a seasonal lighter bed blanket.  After washing heavier winter blankets, store them in zippered bags for the summer.
May 4 - Plan to organize your outdoor garden tools.  Maybe some duplicate tools need to be sold or donated.  Keep like items together, for example, all chemical yard products together in a box.  Also, hang items for ease in finding.
May 20 - Clean your bathroom tile and grout today.  The secret to keeping grout clean is to clean it frequently.  If yours is especially dirty, try making a paste of baking soda and water, and then use this paste to scrub the grout with an old toothbrush.
May 22 - Vacuum and dust under your bed.  Pull your bed away from the wall and vacuum behind the bed and dust the back side of the head board.  Take any items stored under the bed out.  Consider reducing or better organizing these storage items.
May 24 - Organizing the car is something we let slide while we take care of our house and families.  Containerize loose items so things don't fall out when you open the door.
May 29 - Clean the dashboard of your car today.  Spray a cloth with car cleaner and wipe the dashboard and all the area around the front and under the windshield.  Wipe the inside of each door too.
Here's what I have on my list for June:
Jun 1 - Call your family together and schedule out your month.  Have each family member bring their ideas and schedules with them.  Designate one person to write everyone's schedules on one family calendar.
Jun 19 - Manage your money.  Some simple things to keep on to of your finances are balancing your checkbook, paying a couple of bills each evening, reconciling your credit card statement, reviewing that bank statement for errors and filing your weekly receipts.  These simple tasks give you a good view of your finances.
Jun 25 - Toss your old magazines and catalogues.  Be sure and recycle them if that option is offered by your city.
Jun 26 - Go through your closets and pull out anything you haven't worn for the past 6 months.  Donate these unused clothes to your local charity.
As always, all tasks come from the Get Organized Now website.  
I've really been in the nesting mode lately so I've been tackling a lot of household projects.  I'll try to keep you all updated.   
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