Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes (2)


Joining up with Jen again over at Conversion Diary. 

Right now, baby girl is in the swing so I am trying to take full advantage of this precious time.  I've already managed to switch the laundry and pump and now I am eating breakfast and working on these quick takes.

What's for breakfast? 

Judge away...I had a weak moment in the cereal aisle at Wal-Mart.

Does anyone else in watch Whodunnit? on ABC on Sunday nights?  It's a murder mystery show Patrick and I have been enjoying.  It's a little over-the-top dramatic at times but it's a lot better than most reality TV shows out there.  It looks like you can watch full episodes on ABC's website.  It might be work checking out if you need something else to add to you TV regiment.  And in case you were wondering, Patrick & I think either Melina or Cris is the killer...

Baby girl is starting to get restless...I better wrap these up quick.

Speaking of baby girl - I definitely got peed on this morning.  She had a poopy diaper and I had her little legs lifted to wipe her bottom when I got a water fountain effect all over.  I guess there's a first time for everything.

I can't believe Claire is almost 1 month old!  She goes in for her next doctor's appointment on Monday and I can't wait.  Last time she was measuring in the 20-25th percentile for her age.  I feel like she has been eating a TON and starting to fill out.  I'm so interested in seeing how much she has grown.

TGIF!!  I feel like it's been a LOOOONG week here at home with Claire.  Patrick went to the Cardinals game Tuesday night and he had a work happy hour last night so we've had extra time alone together this week.  I am looking forward to a day of nothing tomorrow.  The only thing on our calendar is tentative dinner plans with the young priest at our parish.  We might fire up the grill and BBQ some chicken breasts tomorrow night if the weather cooperates. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!


  1. lol, my kids are turning 3 and 2 in November, and if it makes you feel better, those newborn days already feel soooo long ago!! I still remember feeling like the days just ran into each other because of the night feeds :p

  2. Congrats on making through the first month!


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