Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes (3)

Linking up with Jen again because it is Friday and that is what I do.
We got a new camera!  Hopefully this will improve my picture quality here on the old blog.  We bought the camera before Claire bear was born but I am just now getting around to testing it out.  Guess who my first subject was....

Every afternoon Claire and I take a walk when she gets fussy because she loves being outside.  On Wednesday our neighbor was outside with the kids she babysits.  The little boy - we'll call him J - was full of questions for me:

J - Is your baby a boy?
Emily - Nope.  She is a girl.  Her name is Claire.
J - Why do you dress her like a boy if she is a girl?
Emily - Ummm...well...we didn't know if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl so we got clothes for both boys and girls.  So I usually just have her wear whatever is clean.

Our handsome little guy...

J - How do you know that she is a girl?
Emily - Ummm...that is what the doctor told us.  That she was a girl.
J - Well how does the doctor know?
Emily - Ummm...the doctor is very smart and went to school so he knows those things.

And finally...

J - Why are you wearing pants?  It's summer and it is hot outside.
Emily - Umm....
J - Because they were clean?

Smart kid.

 Did you see Ashton Kutcher's speech at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards?  He encourages kids to be sexy in the form of being smart, thoughtful and generous.  He also advises to build a life, don't just live one.  Definitely worth the 5 minutes to watch.

If you have a minute, say a quick prayer for my cousin Cammie.  Her boyfriend Robert passed away last week after a long battle with a rare cancer.  He was just a few days shy of his 25th birthday.  Life is too short sometimes but we find comfort in knowing that he is in a better place. 



  1. That little boy is hilarious! Some random kid kept commenting on how bald my babies are the other day - gotta love tact :P

  2. You had really good answers for that fun little boy!
    cute little baby you have too!

  3. You had really good answers for that fun little boy!
    cute little baby you have too!


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