Sunday, August 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes (4)

What's that you say?  These are supposed to be written on Friday?  My bad...a baby got in the way.  The same one who is currently sleeping in my arms forcing me to type with only one hand.  This may take awhile but I'm determined to get this posted before the weekend is over.

What did I miss on the blog last week?  Birthdays.  And lots of them.  My sister Marcy turned the big 3-0 the same day that Patrick's sister Liz celebrated her 25th.  My mom also turned 52 a few days later. Happy Birthday and much love to y'all.

We started cloth diapering two weeks ago and so far it has gone surprisingly well.  I am still working up a system for the whole process and will maybe write up a full post in a few weeks once I've worked out the kinks.  I have 3 different brands/types of cloth diapers so I will also review those once I've gotten some more use out of them.  So far, so good though.

I had my 6 week postpartum visit with my doctor on Friday.  Everything is going well except my tailbone which was fractured during delivery...ouch!  It still pops whenever I sit down and stand up.  The doctor said there is nothing he can do for me other than to wait it out.  Any ideas on how long that will take?  I've had about enough.

Random thing happened to me the other day. We have a french door refrigerator with the bottom freezer.  I had the freezer open and I was getting ice out of the bucket when a fresh batch of ice dropped - all over the floor under the fridge.  It was so strange.  I had to leave the drawer open and then crawl down and scrounge up the fallen ice cubes so they wouldn't melt and create a big puddle under my fridge.  I hope that never happens again because it was not fun.

Patrick took his first overnight work trip last week and left me and Claire to fend for ourselves.  I wasn't quite ready to brave a night alone with baby girl so we took a road trip to my parents house.  Thursday was my mom's birthday so she got to spend the day with her grandbaby.  It worked out perfectly.

I'll leave you with a picture of who else but my Claire Bear.  Here she is snuggled up on daddy after he got back from being out of town.

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