Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes (5)

Confession:  Starting these Quick Takes on Thursday night because you never know what tomorrow may bring...and last week it took me until Sunday to get them posted.

My first distraction:  Project Runway.  Love this show.  This week the episode is revolving around shoes. Double love. My favorite designers are Jeremy and Bradon and Kate and Dom.  I guess that's a lot of favorites. 


My second distraction:

Half super fudge brownie and half super chunky cookie dough ice cream.  I guess I like my dessert super.

Why does my ice cream look like meat and potatoes?  Just call me food photographer extraordinaire...

Claire and I did some shopping yesterday afternoon.  My new favorite store - Once Upon a Child.  It is a kids resale shop and the prices and selection are fantastic.  I picked up 3 Halloween onesies for Claire ($1.25 each) and a fancy red Carters dress for Claire to wear to her uncle's wedding ($3.50).  I was one happy mama.  I was eyeing their selection of double strollers (no I am not expecting #2!) for my sister to use when she babysits Claire.  They had some nice options for $80 but I wanted to do a little research first before I made any purchase.
Claire is starting to enjoy both her play mat and her swing.  We previously used her swing when she was sleeping but now she actually likes it while awake.  This is great news for mama because it gives me a small amount of free time to pump or switch the laundry without tears or screams.

I am happy to announce that I gave Claire her first tear/scream free bath yesterday and I did it all by myself!  I was such a proud mama and as I was bragging to my husband about our freshly clean girl, she proceeded to spit up down the front of her and it ran all the way to her knees.  This was followed by a poopy sneeze fart.  Nice.  So much for being clean. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I am also a big PR fan. I like a lot of them this time around too... this season's shaping up better than I anticipated, I think. I always watch it during naps on Friday, so I'm looking forward to that today!

    And for double strollers: I'm OBSESSED with our double Bob (which we got at the used gear sale at REI for a HUGE discount). Just my two cents!

  2. I absolutely thought it was meat and potatoes until I read the take!

  3. I'm also a huge PR fan, but we don't have cable so I have to watch it the next day. Just got done (also during naptime!), so now I can comment! I think my faves are Dom and Kate so far.

    That ice cream sounds good, but yeah, totally does not look like ice cream. LOL.

  4. I LOVE resale/consignment shops for the kids! Not only do you get great deals, but it's nice to have a little bit of a break from whatever is current this season at Carter's/Gymboree/Target... More variety!

  5. i have the safety 1st double jogger and it is soooo easy to fold and push. it is really bulky though and more than once i've said a little prayer trying to get in through doors haha. but i've heard that tandem strollers are harder to maneuver, so it's a hard decision, but overall i think i'm glad i went with the side by side stroller.

  6. I LOVE ONCE UPON A CHILD!! I can't wait to take a trip out to the nice one on the other side of The Valley soon. I'm looking for a used double stroller when I go and they always (at least at this store) have high quality items. If you find a good double let me know what kind! I can't make a decision and I'm very hesitant to spend the money on a BOB Duallie because I don't even use my single BOB enough to warrant having bought it.


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