Monday, August 19, 2013

Claire - One Month

Our baby girl is already one month old (and counting!)  I can't believe how fast that first month went.  She changes so much every day. 

One month stats:
8 pounds 5 ounces (25%)
20.5 inches (30%)

You gained almost 2 whole pounds since your first doctors visit a few days after you were born.  You also grew an inch.  The doctor was so impressed by your growth!  You are still on the petite side though - just like your mama.  

 Here is what I want to remember from her first month:

  • I didn't cry when you were born.  I always thought I would, but I was so wrapped up in a million emotions, I think I was just in awe.  
  • Your dad cried though - melted my heart.
  • I cried the day we brought you home from the hospital.  It was like I couldn't believe you were really ours and we were taking your home.  It was overwhelming to me.
  • You love to eat!  The boob buffet is always open and you can be quite the little piglet (hence the 2 pound weight gain).  I love watching you nurse - you make the cutest little faces and sounds.  You are so sweet.
  • You also love your fingers and your thumbs.  You are constantly trying to get them in your mouth.  It took a while, but you finally caught on to taking the pacifier.
  • You HATE bath time.  You scream and scream and scream - especially when it is time to wash your hair.  Hopefully you will start to like taking a bath soon, because we don't want the stinkiest baby on the block.
  • You love tummy time.  You are so good at lifting your head and moving it from side to side.  You also rolled over from your belly to your back once!  I was amazed.  You are such a strong little girl.
  • You like your swing but not the bouncy seat.  Daddy puts you in the swing before he leaves for work in the morning and you are so content.
  • You love being outside.  Any time that you start getting fussy, I just have to walk outside and you quiet down fast.  We go for a lot of walks during the day.  The weather has been so nice this summer.
  • You sleep in the rock-and-play sleeper on Daddy's side of the bed.  You have been such a good sleeper - sleeping up to 5 hours at a time.  The first few weeks we had to wake you up to eat every 3 hours but then we started letting you sleep longer.  It didn't take you long to distinguish night from day.  I am probably going to jinx us, but we have been so blessed by your sleep pattern.
  • You can rip some pretty loud toots for such a small little girl.  It shocks just about everyone who is within earshot of you.  
  • Big cousin Gavin hates it when you cry.  The first few times he saw you, he would cry whenever you would cry.  He didn't want to see you sad.  He is too afraid to touch you.  It is really funny.
  • You have so many faces and stretches.  I wish I could get photos of the stink eye, the spooky eyes, the Popeye face, the Superman stretch and the tiny lips face.  
  • You started smiling and I love love love to see a grin on your face.
  • You love being swaddled.  Daddy wraps you up the best.  Mommy is not very good at the swaddling.

We love you little Claire Bear!

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