Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Claire's Birth Story: Part Three

Here's Part One and Part Two of the Birth Story in case you missed it...

We arrived at the hospital around 10:00. As we were walking in, a strong contraction came on. By this time, they were arriving about every 5 minutes. I had to stop in the doorway and count it out. Since it was so late, we had to come in through the ER entrance. Because the ER nurses could tell I was in pain, they made me wait in a wheelchair for some from the family birth place to come down and whisk me away. While we were waiting, another preggo came in and said her water had broken as well. She was there with her husband and in the best of moods. She was smiling, laughing, joking around while I was clutching the arms of my wheelchair and kept me head curled down so no one could make eye contact and try to talk to me. I thought to myself, either she is a major warrior or I am the biggest wimp in the world.

We were whisked up to the Family Birthplace and went into the triage room.  A nurse gave me a robe and a cup and told me to go into the bathroom to change and provide a urine sample.  Easy enough, right?  WRONG.  I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes by this point and they HURT.  It was the stopeverythingyou'redoing and breathe it out kind of contraction.  So I'm in the bathroom trying to pee in the cup, wash my hands, get undressed and put on a robe.  And it is taking me FOR-EV-ER.  I think the nurse had to come check on me 3 times to make sure I was okay.  My biggest downfall - that stupid, stupid, stupid robe.  Now I'd like to think that I am a fairly smart girl - top of my class, Masters Degree, etc.  BUT I could not figure out how to snap on this robe for the life of me.  I finally gave up and wrapped it around my body the best I could and waddled myself back to the room.  I cried to the nurse that I couldn't figure out the robe and without missing a beat, she whisked that thing off of me and snapped it up and got me dressed the proper way.  Let's just say that any sense of modesty flew right out the window when I was standing there butt naked while she fixed my robe.  I guess that's what happens when you have a baby. 

After the robe fiasco, I had to wait for the doctor on call to come examine me.  Unfortunately, since I took so long with the robe the doctor was with the other lady who came in right after me.  Didn't they know I was there first?!?  So some time passes and the doctor arrives to check me out.  He confided in me that he wanted to see the other patient first because he didn't believe she was truly in labor and he was right - he sent her back home.  For a brief second, I felt joy knowing that I maybe wasn't quite the wimp I had made myself out to be.  She wasn't really in labor - no wonder she was so cheerful!  But that moment of happiness faded fast with the next contraction.  The doctor got all up in my business and told me that I was already dilated to 4 cm!!  4 cm!!  And that my baby had a lot of hair!  Isn't it crazy that he could tell me that my baby had a lot of hair?  I was half thrilled and half creeped out by the news.  He told me I was a "keeper" and that he knew I would be a keeper from the moment he first saw me because he could tell I was in pain.  Thanks Doc...

We got assigned a room and Patrick called our parents around 10:30 with the news that we were at the hospital.  Now this was the first that they had heard that there was even anything going on.  We didn't want to get them all excited if I wasn't really in labor.  Needless to say, my mama wasn't very happy when she learned that my water broke at 9:00 and she didn't get a phone call until 10:30.  Oops!

Once we were settled in a room a hospital adminstrator came by to offically admit me to the Birthcenter.  Luckily, we had already pre-registered at the hospital (highly recommend!) so they already had all of my information and copies of my insurance, etc.  I guess she just had to confirm that nothing had changed in the past month or so.  I was still having major contractions and couldn't talk through the pain.  She kept telling me to take my time, but let's face it - I didn't have all night.  Thankfully, I asked if Patrick could answer the questions on my behalf and she was perfectly alright with that.  He talked her through everything while I kept my eyes closed and tried to ignore the world. 

Stay tuned for Part Four....

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