Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Claire's Birth Story: Part Two

In case you missed it - here is Part One of Claire's Birth Story...

Wednesday July 10th

I woke up this morning with contractions.  I knew that they had to be the real deal because they actually were painful.  The contractions were about 30-40 minutes apart and I laid in bed forever wondering what to do.  Should I go to work?  Should I stay home?  Should Patrick stay home?  We decided to both go to work and I promised to keep him in the loop with what was going on. 

By the time I got to work, the contractions had slowed down to only one per hour.  My boss was a little freaked out and he kept checking in on me throughout the day.  I downloaded a contraction timer app on my phone (best idea ever!) and sent Patrick updates from the app every time I had a new contraction.  I don't think Patrick has ever checked in on me so many times in one work day. 

I left work promptly at 4:30 and got home and lounged on the couch.  The contractions were coming about every 30 minutes by this time.  Patrick got home around 6:00 and we took a walk over to see my sister and her son Gavin.  According to Patrick, that was THE slowest walk he had ever taken. 

Around 8:00 we were eating dinner and the contractions were really picking up.  They were coming about every 8 minutes.  It was at this point that Patrick and I decided we were probably going to be heading to the hospital that night.  I decided to go take a shower so I would be ready to go when the time came.

We mangaged to snap this flattering photo before I hit the shower:

At 9:00 I was in the bathroom getting ready to take my shower when a strong contraction came on and my water broke.  Can you believe the good luck of that one?  I was actually in the bathroom!  Unreal.  I went ahead and took my planned shower while Patrick ran around the house like a chicken with his head cut off trying to pack our bags for the hospital.  I had a small semi-packed bag ready to go but it needed the bathroom essentials. 

Stay tuned for Part Three...

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