Wednesday, August 14, 2013

These are my Confessions (2)

We are still getting the hang of this nursing thang.  We have been terrible at timing Claire's eating while we are away from the house.  This leads to unexpected pit stops like pulling off the highway at a truck stop, finding an empty strip shopping center in the rain and parking at the very end of the nursing home parking lot all so I can nurse in the backseat of the car....because she is hungry NOWWWWWWW!!!

I am an impatient burper.  Claire doesn't always like to burp and I don't like to make her.  At the hospital, one of the nurses told me that breastfed babies don't always need to burp as much as bottle babies.  I think I contorted that into meaning - it's okay if I just give her a few pats on the back and she doesn't burp - she's breastfed!  Unfortunately, no burps lead to the all-nasty spit-up while changing her diaper.  She gets me every time!  She doesn't burp, I'm in some hurry (why?  I don't know - not like I have anywhere to go) and so I lay her down to change her and she strikes.  She turns her head, spits up, lets it slide down her face and into her ear (gross!) and then proceeds to roll her head in the milky mixture until her hair gets all nice and soaked so then it can turn crusty when it dries (yuck!)  I hate crusty milk hair.

We have the stinkiest baby on the block.  Claire HATES HATES HATES bath time.  I don't know why - the water is an appropriate warmth and she gets to be a nakey baby.  She just screams and screams and screams - especially at the end when we are trying to wash said crusty milk hair.  Since bath time is so traumatizing to her (and us!) we have a tendency to put it off one more night.  We both know it needs to be done but neither one of us wants to bite the bullet and force the subject of disrupting a peaceful evening with a bath.  Let's see, today is Wednesday and we last gave her a bath on Sunday afternoon. It's time and I know it's time...

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