Tuesday, August 6, 2013

These are my Confessions

Patrick is going to the Cardinals game tonight...
and I am terrified of spending the WHOLE day/evening with Claire by myself.  By 5:00 I am counting down the minutes until Patrick gets home (usually around 6:00).  I love, love, love that little girl but sometimes every day I look forward to that moment when I can hand her off to her daddy for a few minutes.

I'm not sure I could be a stay-at-home mom.
For YEARS, all I wanted to do was have lots of babies (still do) and stay at home.  I would be Susie Homemaker and everything would be just peachy perfect.  After being home with a newborn for just 1 week on my own, my thoughts are quickly changing.  Every day I make a big to-do list and yesterday the only things I managed to accomplish were eating breakfast, pumping breastmilk, feeding Claire, changing Claire's diaper, holding Claire, playing with Claire, reading Claire a book, holding Claire, feeding Claire, changing Claire, eating lunch, 1 load of laundry (washed, dried and folded - not put away), feeding Claire, changing Claire, holding Claire, holding Claire, holding Claire, going for a walk with get the point.  I don't know how other moms do it.  I just can't seem to find time to get anything done!

My guilty TV pleasure during the day:  Matlock
Yes, you heard me right - I record episodes of Matlock circa 1994 to watch while I am feeding Claire.  I can usually make it through one 1-hour program throughout the day.  Yesterday she was extra fussy and hungry and I was able to watch Matlock solve 2 thrilling mysteries.  Patrick thought it was hilarious when he saw Matlock on the DVR.  I guess I am my mother's daughter.  I am also NOT the intended audience based on the commercials shown during the programming - Life Alert, Colonial Penn Life Insurance, Medical Supply Company, etc. 

I still have a million bazillion thank you cards to write. 
I try to get 5 done and in the mail each day and at that rate I will be done NEVER.  It's terrible because I am a very grateful person, I just can't seem to make myself spend the little time I do have working on thank you cards.  Shame on me.  Want an even bigger confession? I still have a handful of thank you cards to send from my wedding back in November 2011!  Yikes!  I could make a million excuses why I never really finished those, but I won't.  I'm a horrible person.  So if you are reading this and haven't received a thank you card from my baby shower and/or wedding - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know that I really do appreciate whatever you gave us.   

I am a terrible friend.
You might have seen from yesterday's weekend recap that I saw one of my best friends from high school at the church picnic.  When I went up to hug her, I felt like she put a hand on my stomach to indicate the fact that I was no longer pregnant.  I happily told her that the baby was here! and Patrick was on his way over with Claire so we could show her off.  She looked at me kinda funny and it was in that moment that I realized she DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I WAS PREGNANT.  Friend failure.  When I started college, I used to write Sister Mary Michael a letter every week.  I would tell her about my classes, life on campus, the funny quirks of my first roommate.  As the years went on, the letter writing became more infrequent and I am sad to say the last thing I sent to her was a Christmas card last year.  We didn't spill the beans about our pregnancy until January so I never let her in on the big news.  I guess I assumed that she probably heard it from someone else but I was very wrong.  I felt like such a terrible friend and I vowed to start writing her again to fill her in on my adventures with Claire. 

That's enough confessions for one day - plus it is time for baby girl to eat!

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  1. I knew I subscribed to your blog for a reason - you are a kindred spirit! I don't think I sent out more than a few thank you cards for my shower (I do have the excuse that my daughter went in the hospital only a couple of weeks after the shower, but they probably should have all been sent by then). I can never get anything done - and I only have one child and she is now 4 years old. But, I still feel like my productivity is nil during most days. My guilty pleasure is Murder She Wrote (same demographic), but I watch it on Netflix now, so I don't get to see the Life Alert and Colonial Penn commercials anymore. And I too wait for anyone to come to my house that I can pass my daughter off to when I've been alone with her for a while. This parenting thing is exhausting. I look at people with three or four or more little people and just think that I would die...So, thank you...I feel like I bonded with you through this post. :)


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