Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Recap

"Uncle" Steve came to visit on Friday.
He actually held Claire for more than 5 minutes but did pass her off as soon as she let out a yelp.  We went out to dinner Friday night with a bunch of Patrick's high school friends at Stefanina's. 

Claire had her first big girl bath.
Unfortunately, she still didn't like it.  We didn't have any pee or poop in the tub so that was a plus.
However, we still got the bloody-murder screams when it was time to wash her hair. 

We made Claire's first trip to Perryville.
Grandmama and Grandpa were so happy to see us.  So were uncle Grant, uncle Brandon, uncle Josh, aunt Marcy and almost-aunt Ashley. 

We went to the Seminary Picnic.
Saturday evening we met up with my girlfriends and their babies.  We got the most wonderful surprise by seeing a great friend - Sister Mary Michael.  No one knew that she would be in town this weekend so I was thrilled when Patrick pointed out the nun in full garb that was walking in the distance.

Great weekend but now back to the daily grind.

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