Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Recap


Friday night Patrick and I went on a date...with Claire!  We hit up our old stomping grounds - Stefanina's.  Claire was a pretty good girl - we made it through most of dinner without a peep from her.  She did get a little fussy but as soon as daddy picked her up and held her, she was just fine.

We had a lazy Saturday morning - I think we all slept in until almost 9:00!  Claire has been such a good little sleeper.  Patrick and I alternated between entertaining Claire and doing housework.  This place has really been neglected since her arrival so it felt nice to get more accomplished than just my daily dose of laundry and dishes.
Saturday evening, we had the young priest in our parish over for dinner.  Patrick grilled some chicken breasts and hot dogs.  Father Purcell enjoyed holding Claire and we ate and watched the Cardinals game.  It was a really nice time.
Sunday morning my parent came up and met us for 9:00 Mass.  It was doughnut Sunday (my favorite!) so we all had some carbs and chocolate milk afterwards.  My parents stayed for lunch and my brother Brandon and his fiance came over as well.
Sunday afternoon, we went out to celebrate Patrick's cousin Emily's 30th birthday.  It was supposed to be a surprise party, but she was the first one to show up!  It was at her parent's house and she wanted to get their early to lay out by the pool and her husband couldn't talk her out of it.  The highlight of the afternoon was DQ ice cream cake - I know you're jealous.
Sunday evening we visited Patrick's friend Adam, his wife Tara and their little man Hudson.  This kid is seriously c-u-t-e!!  And the good news is, they are expecting their second bundle of joy in February!  We are so thrilled for them.
It was another busy weekend for Claire but we had such a great time visiting with lots of family and friends.

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