Monday, September 16, 2013

Claire's ABCs - N & W

Claire is really digging her photo sessions with her mama.  And I guess her mama is having fun too.

Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes (6)

Linking up with Jen because it's Friday.

1.   Sorry I missed last week, but we had a WEDDING!  Patrick's brother Eric got married out of town at a little lodge.  It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony and the reception was held in a gorgeous barn.  I wish I would have been able to take more pictures but I was preoccupied with this...

2.     Speaking of baby bear, she turned 2 months old on Wednesday.  You can read about it here.
Love this little girl!
3.  Have you tried the new Sonic pretzel dogs?


No, I am not being paid to advertise for them (though I wish I was - pretzel dogs...)  I've just had a strange affection for hot dogs lately...I think it has to do with my obsession for Matlock who eats a hot dog on every episode.  Try one - you will love it.

4.  Baby girl has been sleeping so good at night (6+ hours!!).  However, she is not good at napping during the day.  She likes to play possum and every time I think she is asleep and try to lay her down, her eyes pop wide open.  I am wanting to get her in some sort of routine before I have to go back to work.  Any suggestions on daytime nap routines?

5.  Daycare - that's a whole 'nother topic.  It's expensive and scary.  Luckily, my sister is going to watch Claire at least 2 days a week, but Patrick hates her cat and the idea of having Claire exposed to all that cat hair (which is kinda gross but I try not to think about it).  Patrick's mom is going to watch her one day which is great but I hate her dogs because they lick and scratch and always want to get all up in your face.  Yuck.  And the other two days - still up in the air.  We might try our neighbor but she is really expensive and we've talked to one daycare center so far (also really expensive).  What to do, what to do?  Wish I didn't have such a good job and could just stay home without feeling guilty.

6.  I need to stop my early morning shopping.  I get up to nurse Claire around 4:30 and have this new addiction to Target's daily deals.  It's bad - especially since I have my Target debit card all set up on my phone.  It makes it WAY too easy to order stuff while half asleep.  The good news is - I'm still a crazy good shopper.  My 2 latest purchases include these flats and these flats which were buy one get one free plus my 5% RedCard discount.  Total paid for 2 new pairs of shoes - less than $13 with tax!  I've already worn the black/white pair and they are so cute.  Again - I'm not getting any freebies for promoting Target's daily deals (although I wish I was!).  I would actually recommend not checking it out because you may get addicted.  But you also may score awesome finds.

7.  I'm really looking forward to a relaxing weekend with nothing on the calendar.  Especially after all the hustle and bustle of last weekend.  Hope everyone enjoys the nice weather!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Claire - Two Months

Our baby girl is already two months old!  Time sure flies when you are having fun.  

Two month stats:
9 pounds 9 ounces (25%)
22.25 inches (50%)

You really jumped up on the height chart - from the 30th percentile to the 50th!  Maybe you will be a tall girl after all.  Hopefully you will be taller than your mama.  You had to get 3 shots at the doctor's office and I made dad hold you.  You squealed and cried and I felt so bad I wanted to cry.  I don't like seeing my baby girl in pain or upset. 

Here is what I want to remember from your second month:

  • You finally really like your playmat.  You will bat at the monkey when I lay you down.  We go over all the animal names every day.
  • You continue to roll from your belly to your back.  Even the pediatrician noted how strong you were on your belly.
  • You still love tummy time but always want to roll over.
  • You are starting to like your swing a little more but not for long periods of time unless you are asleep.
  • We started using cloth diapers this month and they are going great.  We go through about 7 every day.  We still use disposables at night and if we are on the road.
  • You are starting to really smile and laugh when talked to.  Your dad and I both love trying to get those dimples out of you.
  • You like your baby carrier in small doses - usually only with dad.  Dad will hold you while he is working in the office.
  • You still love going for walks both in the stroller and in mom's arms.
  • We started feeding you one bottle every night so dad can have some bonding time.  You still love to eat.
  • You are such a good sleeper.  We can usually count on at least one good 6 hour sleep stretch every night.
  • You went on your first big shopping trip with mom, grandma, aunt Marcy and Gavin.  We bought new dresses for both of your uncles' weddings.
  • You attended your first wedding!  Uncle Eric got married and you had the prettiest red dress and matching flower headband.  You were such a good girl and everyone loved meeting you.
  • You like dancing with mom in the afternoons.  We turn on some country music and dance around the family room.
  • You still sleep in your rock-and-play sleeper in our bedroom.  I love having you close by.
  • You are starting to tolerate (maybe even like?) bath time.  No more tears makes for a very happy mommy.

To see how much she's changed - check out her one month recap.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Claire's ABCs - B & H

I've had a couple of friends make ABC books for their babies and I thought it was such a cute idea.  I just HAD to make one for Claire.  Truth is - these things are a lot tougher than they look.  Baby girl doesn't always want to get dressed up and get her picture taken.  I'm trying to do one mini photo session each morning if she is in a good mood.  So far, I have 3 letters done (but only 2 edited). 

Here they are:

I still have to brainstorm ideas for all the letters.  Might have to go back to various Facebook and blog posts to "steal" ideas.  :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Recap


Patrick & I had big plans of going out for dinner and then for a walk around the new outlet mall in Chesterfield tonight.  Then reality set in with Claire's feeding schedule and our general tiredness.  We ended up ordering Papa John's and I watched a movie and he worked (darn busy season!).  I still enjoyed myself with our buffalo chicken pizza and Pitch Perfect.


Patrick & I attended the wedding of his college friend Eliot.  This was our first night out without Claire.  My parents came up to babysit so she was in good hands. 


Sunday we hit up our usual 9:00 mass and then we had some pre-wedding fun with Eric & Erin.  The girls went out to eat at Longhorn and then we went to the nail salon for pedicures.  Fun!  The guy who was doing my pedicure told me that my baby girl had very chubby cheeks like a chipmunk!  Too funny.  He asked if she was a big baby and I told him "no, she was 6 lbs 9 oz" and he said "oh, little baby but loves to eat"!!  Too funny! 

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