Sunday, October 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes (9)

It's Sunday...that means I'm finally sitting down to write a post for Jen's Friday link party.

1.  It's 8:30 and I'm TIRED.  We are watching the Cardinals battle it out against the Red Sox and as much as I love Red October it is hard to keep my eyes open. 

2.  It's been a busy day.  We went to Patrick's aunt Cindy's house for a Halloween party.  Claire busted out her pumpkin outfit and her Cinderella costume.  She was such a cutie:

3.  If you have ever read my big scary spider story, you would know I am deathly afraid of the little critters.  True story: tonight we are watching the ballgame and I look up and there is a spider on the ceiling.  Yikes!!  I took Patrick from Claire so he could kill it and when he went into the kitchen to get a paper towel, the spider FELL FROM THE CEILING INTO OUR LOVESEAT!  AHHHH!!!!  It has not made another appearance and I have been freaking out ever since.  Guess I won't be sitting on the loveseat anytime soon....
4.  Patrick hung up my first attempt at a gallery wall yesterday: 

This is in our front hallway across from the coat closet.  The spacing is a little off, but I'm going to readjust and maybe add one more frame on the left.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased.  It was a lot harder than I anticipated but I made it work.  I'm filling all the frames with black & white photos.  Here are some of my favorites:

5.  Seth Maness just gave up a 3-run homerun to Jonny Gomes.  Argh.  Cards are down 4-1 in the bottom of the 6th.  And I am still tired.  Not sure if I will make it through the entire game.

6.  We did a Halloween craft with Claire.  We dipped her feet in paint to make footprint ghosts.  I like the googly eyes.  It was a nice addition to our Halloween mantel. 

7.  Is it bedtime yet?  I sure am tired....

Sunday, October 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes (8)

Linking up with Jen again on Sunday because I am always fashionably late to the party.

1.  We went to the pumpkin patch today.  Baby girl was patient while I tried to snuggle her into the pumpkins for a million photos.

2.  Claire Bear got her first pair of boots from one of Grandpa Wilmes' coworkers in Texas.  They are too adorable and we had to get some photos with Daddy in his matching boots.

3.  Patrick turned 30 years old!  We celebrated at his parents house on Friday night to watch the Cardinals clinch the NLCS.  Patrick's mom made ballpark food which was really good and his sister made him a dirt cake which was delicious.  I failed to get any photos of the night.
4.  How about those Cardinals?!?  I wasn't a big baseball fan before I met Patrick and now I follow them pretty faithfully - especially in October. 
5.  We took Claire to get her 3 month photos taken at Target.  I was a little leery at first but the photographer did a really amazing job and got some great shots.  We ordered a nice canvas for our family room as well as some prints.  I am definitely planning on going back.  I think the best part of the experience was what I was most worried about - getting the right shot.  The Target photographer only took 20 photos so it was easy to narrow down my favorites and I was not the least bit disappointed.
6.  Speaking of 3 month are some good outtakes from my session with Claire:

7.  It's starting to get cold here.  Patrick finally broke down and turned on the heat.  We got a space heater in Claire's room and put the electric blanket on our bed.  Yay!  I love the electric blanket! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Claire - Three Months

Baby girl is three months old.  I can hardly believe how big she is getting.

Unofficial three month stats:
10 pounds 11 ounces (25%) 

Here is what I want to remember from your third month:

  • We started the EASY routine with you adapted from the Baby Whisperer.  It seems to be working well.  You've got the eating and activity parts down.  We just need to work on the sleepy nap time.
  • You are really starting to like your pacifier now.  It works well at bedtime.
  • You LOVE your playmat and having tummy time.  Your head and neck muscles are getting so strong.
  • You have been sleeping really good at night - up to 7 hours at a time!
  • You are now good at entertaining yourself.  It allows for mom & dad to get some housework done while you play. 
  • Dad named all of your playmat animals.  There is Jerry the Giraffe (he's your favorite), Magnus the Monkey, Pete the Parrot and Eleanor the Elephant.  They each have a special voice.
  • You are starting to enjoy your swing.  It is a good place to nap but you also like the mobile.
  • We like to Face time with Grandma & Grandpa.  You can't see them but you seem to recognize their voices.  Grandpa likes to make funny sounds at you.
  • You don't like to be snuggled much anymore.  When being held, you want to be faced outward so you can see what is going on.  You are a very nosey little girl.
  • We moved you to your big girl bed aka the crib.  You are so funny to watch while you are sleeping.  We lay you down one way and you end up all over the place.  It is so cute.  You made the transition pretty well.
  • You are playing with big girl toys now.  We have a jumperoo that you are just trying out for the first time.  You are a little small so I have to put a pillow under your feet.  You like all the music and the lights.
  • You seem to recognize faces and voices.  You always smile when daddy comes home from work and picks you up.
  • You smile and laugh so easily.  You are also starting to do excited squeals.
  • You attended your second wedding when your uncle Grant got married.  You wore a pretty ivory dress and you had a big poop explosion 10 minutes before the ceremony started.  You got poopy on your bloomers and on daddy's shirt.  You were quite the little stinker but daddy handled it well.
  • You like to dance.  Mommy turns on the music and we dance around the living room.  You love country music.
  • You also like watching Cardinals baseball with daddy. 
  • When we lay you down on your back, you like to roll from one side to the other.  You are so close to making it to your tummy but not yet.
  • You really like bathtime.  Mommy sings you fun songs while she gives you the bath.  You are starting to splash your little feet in the water.
See how much she's grown:
two month recap
one month recap

Sunday, October 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes (7)

Linking up with Jen for Quick Takes Friday on Sunday because that is how I roll.

1.  I've been pretty quiet lately.  I've been reading a lot of blogs but not writing a lot at all on my own.  It's funny because when one of my favorite bloggers fails to post in a couple of days, I get upset.  Why isn't she writing?  I want her to write something new...etc...  Guess I can't get mad at others for not writing when I haven't posted in over 2 weeks.

2.  So what have I been up to?  My brother got married!  Congrats Grant and Ashley!

3.  I have to go back to work on Thursday.  To say I am sad is a major understatement.  It is heartbreaking.  I know baby girl will be in good hands but I will miss spending my days with this cutie...

4.  I just started putting up some Halloween decorations today.  Our fireplace mantel is looking pretty spooky.  I figure if I didn't get anything up today, it might not get done with my going back to work.
5.  I don't have any good ideas for Halloween costumes this year.  Patrick & I usually come up with a pretty creative and crafty couples costume but no good ideas yet.  Baby girl is going to be Cinderella thanks to a clearance dress at the Disney store for $6.  I bought her some tights in case it is chilly and we have a blue headband so I think we are set.
6.  Speaking of headbands - I bought Claire a really nice selection at Burlington Coat Factory.  I just realized they have a Baby Depot section that is pretty legit.  I found some really good priced accessories.  Thinking I might need to go back again soon - I just wish it was in a more convenient location.
7.  The StL Cardinals are in the postseason again this year.  Right now they are playing the Pirates and the score is tied 2-2.  We really need to win this one to get ahead in the series.  Does anyone else love Red October?

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