Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Claire Wears

I love that Claire is getting bigger and I can start dressing her up.  Little girl clothes are so much fun and I've got a mini fashionista on my hands...
Monday she was pretty in pink...

Look at that matching hat!  Love!
Tuesday she had a laid back style...

And today she sported gray stripes and a white bow...

In order to keep things simple (and make our mornings easier) I put together her clothes for the week on Sunday.  Each day's outfit is placed in a gallon zippy bag in a tote on the changing table.  All pieces of the outfit are included - hats, socks, bows, etc so all I have to do in the morning is grab a bag and go.  It also helps daddy to have everything pre-matched.

Basket of bags
Individual bag with leggings, tunic & socks

Speaking of baby fashion, I found some great steals at the thrift store today....all deals only $1.

Baby Gap brand jeans

Arizona Jeans Company jean jacket
Cherokee brand purple jeans


Old Navy Christmas sweater

The Christmas sweater is for this winter and the other finds are going to be put away for next fall.  I think the little jean jacket is my fave.  Not too shabby for a lunch break treasure hunt.

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