Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's time....

I've read good things about the 30 day shred - my favorite part - the workouts are only 20 minutes.  That seems doable.  My plan is to get up and exercise before work...we'll see how that works.  Thank you to everyone who has been so complimentary about my post-baby bod but the jeans don't lie...and don't I know I've got a few pounds to lose still.  I'll let you know how it goes - I need someone to keep me accountable.

In other news, Claire woke us up 4 times last night.  She has been rolling over for several weeks now but lately she has been a rolling machine.  Last night she rolled from back to belly four different times and then decided that she didn't want to be on her belly anymore.  I know she can roll from belly to back but I think she gets stuck up against the crib or gets her arm stuck underneath her.  Then she cries until her daddy or I comes running to the rescue.  Her only saving grace is that you can just roll her back to her back and she falls back asleep.  Yes, I managed to use the work back three times in that sentence...maybe I need to consult a thesaurus...or not.

Patrick stayed home with Little Miss the past two days. He's got this SAHD thing down.  I've gotten three super cute videos at work.  What can I say, I'm a lucky gal. 

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