Sunday, December 15, 2013

Claire - Five Months


Unofficial 5 month stats:
13 pounds - 10%

I can't believe it has been 5 months since you turned our world upside down.  I know I say that every month, but it's going by way too fast.  You have quite the little personality and are so much fun.  Here is what I want to remember about you from the past month:

  • You are a drool machine!  We have to change your outift during the day just because the neckline and sleeves get soaked.
  • You are still called a little boy more often than this mama would like - must be the result of the combover you are always sporting.  I'll try to do a better job of putting on a bow when we go out in public.
  • You REALLY love bathtime.  And you love peeing on your dad when he is getting you ready for bathtime.  You love to SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH in the water - mom might need to start wearing her raincoat!
  • You have figured out that you have a tounge and lips.  You like to blow bubbles and raspberries.  You like to bit on our lower lip and suck your lips into your mouth to make the funniest little faces. 
  • You are starting to lose your hair in the back.  Don't worry though because you still have the ring of long hair at the very bottom of your head.  And the combover - no amount of rolling around will take that away from you.
  • You are a thumbsucker.  Every once in a while you will take the pacifier but your heart belongs to your thumb.
  • You are the rolling queen.  You NEVER want to sleep on your back anymore.  You roll onto your belly the minute we place you in the crib.  We were worried about you at first but you are such a strong little girl that we know you will be just fine.
  • Your poop is starting to get stinky!  Sorry baby girl but pee-yew!
  • I think the poop is not as pleasant because we switched you to full time formula a couple of weeks ago.  We were trying to plump you up by measuring out your meals (6 oz every 3 hours) but you are still in the 10th percentile - dang!  We'll keep trying though!  You do love to eat.
  • You have been sleeping through the night on a regular basis - what a blessing!  You tend to nap pretty good for Miss Jennifer and Grandma but not so much for Aunt Marcy.
  • Gavin has started taking a liking to you.  And by liking I mean that he does not run and cry when you squeal.
  • We packed up all your 0-3 month clothing.  It was a sad day.  I remember when you were so tiny that you were swimming in those clothes and now you are a big girl (and swimming in your 3-6 month clothes).
  • You still love your jumparoo.  You like to bounce but you are also starting to take an interest in the toys - especially the spinny wheel. 
  • You are getting so strong and are starting to sit up by yourself with the help of the boppy pillow.  You have really good control over your head. 
  • You were baptized!  It was a beautiful and sentimental ceremony.
  • You had your first injury - Aunt Marcy's cat Ash scratched you on your foot.  It was an accident - Gavin scared the cat and you were in his escape path - but it healed up really quick.
  • You had breakfast with Santa and your weren't afraid.  That's a plus!
  • You celebrated your first Thanksgiving and got to meet a bunch of your "cousins".
  • You are a smiley, happy, sweet little girl.

Remember when she was:
four months
three months
two months
one month

Me neither...seems like so long ago....

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