Saturday, December 14, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (11)

Linking up with Jen today!

1.  It's Saturday morning and it's snowing here!

The snow is still coming down and I love it!  If it stops later we might bundle up Claire and let her have her first snow experience - complete with photos of course!
2.  Right now, Claire is snuggled up with daddy in the recliner.  Funny how she wakes up so early on the weekends and won't go back to sleep.  She just looks so sweet though!  Love her!  And him!

3.  I am also working on our Christmas cards - 30 down and 70 to go.  I'm crazy, right?  I just love getting Christmas cards in the mail and I figure other people love getting them too.

4.  Yesterday morning when I went into the bedroom to get Claire up for the morning I saw this peeping out of the crib:



5.  In other news, Claire was baptized last weekend!  That is worthy of a full post later, but I'll leave you with a sneak peek for right now:

6.  St. Nick came to our house to leave some goodies for Claire since she has been such a good girl.  She looks so sleepy since she had just woken up.  She got a new Christmas outfit, a giraffe and a rattle.  What a lucky little girl!

7.  I am so happy to be creating Christmas memories for Claire.  It is hard to imagine what we did without having her in our lives.  One special tradition I want her to cherish is putting up the tree as a family.  Claire's big contribution this year was putting the star on top (with a little help from daddy!)


  1. Aww, Claire is a doll! What a sweet little family you have!

  2. Happy baptism to Claire! She looks so adorable in that beautiful gown :)


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