Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (12)

Linking up with Jen for one final edition before Christmas.  Since I still have a house to clean and gifts to wrap, I am writing real quick about 7 presents that Claire Louise will be receiving this year.

1.  Little People Nativity Set

This is the deluxe set - complete with music and lights.  I found it at the Catholic Supply store.  Other big box retailers have smaller versions but I wanted the real deal.  Plus it is nice to support small businesses in town.

2.  Books

Purchased from Kohls

Found at consignment shop - $1 - brand new

Found at Five Below - $5 - can record your own voice
3.  Photo Album

We can fill with photos of her family & friends - we got 2 of these
4.  Swing

This will be perfect to hang under the deck when the weather gets nicer

5.  Toy
This is the Sassy Wonder Wheel - it spins and makes noise and has a suction cup bottom so it can attach to her high chair
6.  Movie

Claire seems to love music and likes watching TV when we have it on.  This seems like a good combination for occasional viewing.
7.  Ornament

This will be personalized with her name and year of birth.
That's it!  She is one lucky girl.  Hope every has a very merry and blessed Christmas.

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