Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sick, sick & more sick plus a Prost Wedding

If you haven't guessed, I'm sick.  I think the long, long, busy, busy week might have been the straw that broke this camel's back.  That didn't stop me from heading to Perryville yesterday for my cousin Kelly's wedding.  Now one would think I would have a photo of the gorgeous bride and her new husband, but nope, I don't.  I've converted to the "don't take pictures during the ceremony" crowd after my own wedding.  It's really best to keep out of the real photographers way and don't flash out the professionals.  But Claire?  Yes, I have photos of Claire after mass.

The reception was all kinds of fabulous - though I don't have any photos to prove it.  I was way too miserable to be scurrying around with my camera.  I did indulge on 2 glass of pineapple/orange juice - a little vitamin C can't hurt, right? - and gummy bears a la the candy bar. 
The theme was "One Night Only" so the men wore bowties and the women were in black with bold gold necklaces.  The centerpieces alternated between spray painted and sparkled wine/liquor bottles with candles and tall sparkly twigs and beverage glasses turned upside down with glittered candles.  Again, a picture would be so much better than my jumbled description, but blogger fail.  Oversized gold ornaments were strung from the ceiling over the head table and the visual effect against the black & white backdrop was beautiful.  Every detail was black, gold and shiny perfect.  Loved it. 
Congrats Kelly & Kyle!
Totally stole this photo from the bride's facebook page and it reminded me how gorgeous her flowers were - stunning - just like the bride!


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