Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Claire Louise - Child of God

Claire Louise was baptized on December 8th.  When I realized that we could have her baptism on the Immaculate Conception I knew that was the date I wanted.  Luckily it worked for both the church and my uncle which made me a happy mama.

Claire's baptismal gown is a very sentimental garment.  It was worn by her dad, her grandma, her great-grandpa and her great-great-grandma.  Yes, you read that right - she is 5th generation to wear this gown.  How precious is that?

This baptismal outfit was 2 pieces.  There was an undergarment and the actual gown.  We got Claire dressed right before the ceremony and took the gown off as soon as we were done.  The gown was beautiful and sentimental and OLD.  It was so thin I was worried Claire might rip it since she was so active that day.

Love it!

Claire was just shy of 5 months when she was baptized.  I thought it was a perfect age.  She was alert and happy and mesmerized by Great-Uncle Fr. Charlie.

Claire Louise - Child of God

Claire with her godparents - uncle Eric and aunt Marcy.

Since Claire wore a family gown, I wanted her to have a keepsake that she could pass down to her own children some day.  I had this little cross bracelet handmade for her by a friend of my mom.  It is a small silver cross flanked by two tiny pearls.  It turned out exactly like I had hoped.

Claire also wore this vintage cameo brooch gifted to her at birth by her great-aunt Faye.  It was such a delicate pin and I felt like it was the perfect addition to her outfit.

The day was so beautiful and special.  There is something comforting about remembering that we are all children of God.  It was a good reminder to me that she is not only my baby, she is God's baby.  And no matter how much I love her, God will always love her more because God is love. 

After the ceremony we had everyone over for a late lunch and cake.  It was so nice to have everyone together to celebrate Claire.

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