Monday, January 6, 2014

Claire's Birth Story: Part Four

If you want to start at the beginning, here is part one...

When I last left off, the hospital staff was working on my admittance.  Once they left, the nurse came back to check on my progress - I was already at 7 cm!  Yikes!  She asked if I wanted an epidural and I said please please please!! 

The nice anaesthesiologist lady came right in and told me that the IV in my arm was too bad to start the epidural.  I don't know exactly what that meant except that they would have to redo my arm IV before she would put my epidural in.  Argh!  So I am sitting on the edge of my bed suffering contractions, getting my arm IV corrected and getting prepped for my epidural.  I read/heard so much hype about the epidural being painful but I must have had enough other stuff going on that I didn't even notice what she was doing back there.  I was so focused on contractions that I didn't have time to think or worry about any epidural discomfort.  But once the epidural was in....RELIEF!  It took a while for the pain to be totally gone but it was much more bearable right away.  The nurse told me that the epidural can slow things down and they usually plan on a hour per centimeter after it is administered.  Since I was already at a 7, she thought I would have a good 3 hours until I would be ready. 

I was planning on taking a nice little nap in my spare time but my mom called and they were almost to the hospital.  For reference, the current time is about midnight.  The plan was to give my parents the keys to our house and send them on their way so they could get some rest before the baby arrived.  When they got to the hospital, the nurse came in and asked if she could check me one more time before my visitors came in.  She blew my mind when she said I was fully dilated and she would be calling the doctor!  All I could think of was what happened to my 3 hour nap?!?  My parents came in and gave us hugs and when they heard that the doctor was being called, they decided to wait at the hospital.  Everything was happening so fast.  I think Patrick called his parents at this point as well so they could be in the loop. 

The nurse told me that she wasn't going to let me start pushing until the doctor arrived because "this baby was going to slide right out".  My exact words were - "can you say that again?".  That was music to my ears.  My doctor had told me for weeks that my baby was low and actually throughout my entire pregnancy I carried low.  I never had baby limbs up in my ribs.  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that the baby had dropped so much.

The doctor arrived right around 1:00 and popped in to let us know he was there.  The nurse snapped this lovely picture at 1:05:

(Yes - that is a smile on my swollen face)

We were ready to have a baby...


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