Thursday, January 2, 2014

Let it Snow....

...let it snow, let it snow!

I love the winter weather and I love my electric blanket!  We got a few inches of snow last night but the roads cleared up quick and we both still made it into work today.

Claire is still sick with a terrible cough/runny nose so we didn't let her go outside and play in the fluffy but I did get some shots from our first snowfall in December that I never shared:

Anyone who's ever said I look good in hats - you lie...but Claire Bear - she can rock a hat. 
The weatherman is calling for more snow on Sunday.  I'm hoping that's not a lie because I didn't make a snowman yet and that is something that Claire needs for her first winter.  And by I, I mean Patrick, hasn't made a snowman....just to be clear. 
Be safe out there - I almost died in our driveway on the black ice.  It was very dangerous but luckily the two trash cans I was pulling gave me something to fall on instead of my rear.

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