Friday, January 3, 2014

Seven Quick Takes (13)

It's Friday and I'm linking up with Jen.

1.  Patrick walked in the door tonight after work and his first words were:  What do you mean you don't look good in hats?  Here, here, follow me, come look....  He proceeded to lead me into the front room and reminded me of this:

Our Christmas card photo from a couple of years ago.  I guess it must have a been a pretty good photo or else I wouldn't have sent it out to 50+ people.  I stand corrected.  I look pretty dang good in hats. 
2.  Did anyone else do some after Christmas shopping?  Patrick & I went to Wal-Mart where he scooped up tons of lights and I got Claire's Christmas jammies for next year. We also made a quick stop in Garden Ridge and found this beauty:

3.  If your name is Verby, Ranie, Leslie or Matt - you may have not received our Christmas card.  And by may, I mean you did not receive our card because they were returned to us today.  Boo!

I guess 3 out of 110ish returned isn't bad.  I'll just have to update my Excel spreadsheet for next year.
4.  Taking a quick break for bath time.  Claire LOVES LOVES LOVES bath time.  Last night she stayed in the tub a little too long and got prune toes. 
5.  I'm sitting on our couch and I have this heater pointed right at me:


It's the Holmes heater from Target.  We have two of these plus an older model in our house and I love them.  You can set the room temperature you want and then it will automatically turn on and shut off.  Wonderful.  Go out and buy one for the winter - you won't regret it.

6.  Speaking of Target, have you checked out their new Awesome Shop?  I've browsed through it a few times and it is dangerous because it makes me want EVERYTHING.  It is neat though to see what is trending and hot at the moment.

7.  Patrick got me an anniversary journal for our first wedding anniversary.  I just got around to filling it out last night for our second annivesary.  It took me a while to decide on the popular songs of the year, but I decided on The Fox by Ylvis and Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker.  For our favorite TV shows I chose The Blacklist (oh the drama!) and Project Runway (oh the drama!).  We haven't seen a movie in the theater since last January so I didn't write down any popular movies.  It's really fun to write down memorable events from each year of marriage.  This year's big news was definitely the birth of Claire Louise. 

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