Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The many faces of Claire

I just had to share a few outtakes from Claire's 6 month photo shoot.  She can make so many different faces it is so much fun.

She is starting to sleep better at night now.  After she made it through her first bout of sickness, she was still wanting to get up and snuggle at night. That was a big no-no. Luckily we just had a few nights where she had to cry it out to get back in the habit of sleeping all night. It was rough but  could have been worse. She never fussed longer than 10 minutes.

For the most part she is a happy happy girl.  She loves to smile and laugh and her face always lights up the minute her dad walks in the door.

Dad loves to tickle her and eat her toes and toss her in the air.  He will do just about anything to get that dimple out.

She had her first tasting of oatmeal tonight and she gobbled it down.  She seems to like the oatmeal cereal much more than the rice. Her little mouth was like a little birdie begging for food.

She is also a big fan of zucchini.  Yellow squash, not so much.  Carrots and sweet potatoes are also a hit. Next on the menu is asparagus.  I hope she likes it because that was the most expensive batch of baby food I've made so far.
She is almost mobile.  She can scoot around pretty good and I know crawling is just around the corner. Yikes!!

That's all for now - you should know I have a 9:00 bedtime.  😉

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  1. She is adorable!!! My kids have all LOVED home-made sweet potatoes. I've never tried asparagus. Good luck with that one. I hope it works out. If she doesn't take it, you might try mixing smaller amounts with more familiar foods...such as your sweet tators. -Tabitha


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