Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Claire

Dad is watching the Superbowl, mom is watching the commercials and we are both watching Claire.

She is such a ham and so much fun.  We got out her playmat and she loves the bright colors and running her razor nails over the ridges. 

She is smart.  She likes to play with her toys.  She can pick up her pacifier and put it in her own mouth.  She likes to peel up the corners of the mat so she can put the edges in her mouth. 

She loves attention.  She wants mom and dad to watch her and cheer for her.  Except when she is trying to be sneaky.  Like when I caught her trying to eat my shoes - gross, I know.  In her defense, I guess I shouldn't have left my house slippers on her mat.  If it is on her mat, it must be a toy and is fair game.

She is very vocal.  She likes to squeal, she likes to laugh and she loves to jabber.  She liked to sing along in church this morning and kept going even after the music stopped.  I am working on her ma-ma-ma sounds but I'm sure she'll say da-da first.  She loves blowing raspberries and bubbles and making all kinds of various mouth sounds mostly involving spit.  She has a tired cry and you can always tell when she is right now.  Gonna go rock my baby. 

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  1. More pictures! More pictures! More pictures! :)


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